The Disney Life

Sawyer's Trip to Disney World

Disney World

Disney is one of my favorite places in the entire world and i always look forward to going! This time, i went down with my Mom and brother, while my dad flew in from Pennsylvania a few days later. We went to all four parks and we stayed at 3 DIFFERENT resorts! It was a great experience and i cant wait to go back!

Meeting my Best Friend

One of my favorite things that we did was getting to see my best friend. We met each other on the Fall 2013 Disney Dream cruise and i learned that she lived in Florida!

We met up with each other at Epcot for a couple hours when we got off the cruise since we stayed for vacation. We wanted to see each other again so i got to meet up with her this trip! It was great to see each other again! She stayed with us at our resorts for a couple nights and her and her parents went to our fancy dinner with us at California Grill, which is at the very top level (exclusive to people dining at the restaurant) of the Contemporary Resort. We went swimming and went to 3 of the 4 parks. a couple days after i got home, i got a text from her. Unfortunately, she is moving to Texas in the summer because her moms job transferred her their. I miss her a lot but at least we can text and video chat! I Love you Emily! :)