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Nicholas Domino

Salem's Lot

In Salem's lot, or more formally referred to as Jeruselam's lot, the average day is no different from any other in the new England area. although by day salem's lot seems to be a nice New England town, a sinister shade is cast over the town by night. This evil that only comes at night is the reason Benjamin Mears returns to salem's lot over two decades after moving away. Ben sees the evil as inspiration for his latest novel. But this is the same evil that lurked thruogh the town when he was growing up as a boy. this evil, the vampires, is effecting the whole town and this is shown through the towns relationships as developed by Stephen King. Ben is determined to put an end to this nightmare that has the whole town in its vicious grasp. Mears and his two companions, a 63 year old english teacher and a local priest, work together to put an end to the epidemic.

Stephen King portrays the undead in their true untainted, foul, evil nature, which is the most perfect description of these afflicted towns people. King uses his expert ability to write to portray the vampires as lawless, moral less, violent creatures with no purpose other than to KILL.

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Salems Lot - Face the Master (Best Scene)

Benjamin Mears

The tall, lanky, dark haired successful writer that King uses as the protagonist grew up in Salem's lot. After twenty-five years he decides to go back and face his childhood fears to write his next novel based on the Marsten house that is the root of his fears. When ben returns to the small town, he comes to realize that someone has come to take up residence in the house; which proves to be his greatest inhibition. This house has haunted him ever since he was a boy and was dared to go into the house, and upon entering the house he finds the owner had hung himself from the ceiling. Finding a dead man hanging in his house is bad enough but this was different, the man had opened his eyes and looked at Ben. After returning he finds that this house is still filled with the evil, which will consume his most recent lover, Ms. Susan Norman. Ben is then faced with the unspeakable that no man could ever imagine being faced with, killing his love with a wooden stake through her heart. Ben's choices throughout the novel make him an extraordinary character and further improves the novel as a whole.


The location of Salem's lot proves to be a very important, Mears describes the town as very isolated from the rest of the state. this factor helps to improve the story because the isolation described helps the reader to understand what it is like to be in a small town that is infected with vampires. This small, isolated town also makes the fight between human and monster more stressful for Ben and his team because they know help is to far from the town to do any good. The fight begins to be more like a race to how any people Mr. Barlow, the master vampire, can infect and how many Ben can save. the Isolation also helps to further the story because no one outside the town will ever find out what is going on in salem's lot, and even if people did find out what was going on they would do nothing. The theme of belief comes into play largely though out the novel, the towns peoples belief in the supernatural plays a large role. The towns people that trust and believe Ben tend to be more successful in staying alive and fighting the vampires over the ones that think it is all nonsense. Mark Petrie is a prime example of this statement, he believes that things like vampires actually exsist proving to be a great advantage in staying alive due to his knowledge on how to keep the vampires away. The theme and setting proved to be extremely important contributions to novels thrilling nature.
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