this is all of bostons sports teams

this is there baseball team the red soxs

this is there baseball team the boston red sox's my favorite team they were founded in 1908and they have 12 world series.thye have my one of my favorite baseball players and his name is David ortiz.
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this is some good food there

this is there crab cakes they say they are the best if you want one you need to go to boston to get one.they are created with all these vegetables and stuff like that.

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this is some current events going on in boston

this is a fire work dispay thay have some days. This is probably what they do on the fourth of July

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this is some of there sports teams

this things that you can do in boston

you can go see all the war stuff that went on there they have old ships that they bring out only wont's a year. They have a lot of war reenactments and memorials