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Most are called covered barley, which means it's tough. Looks like golden grass. Annual cereal of grass family.
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Primarily a cereal grain. 4th most important cereal crop. Majorly used in the beer industries. Barley is in higher demand because more beer is in demand. Commonly used in breads, soups, and stews. A large majority is used for animal feed.
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Growing Barley

It adapts to most environments. It can be dry or wet. 27 states grow barley. Cooler ground is ideal. Top producing states are North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Colorado.
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It is harvested just like any other crop. It used to be done all by hand; in some places it still is.

Pest Problems

Barley Stripe-long pale yellow stripes on the leaves. As the fungus sporulates the stripes get darker. The effects are that the plant doesn't hardly produce and product.
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Fun Fact

Barley is recognized as one of the very first crops to be domesticated for human consumption.

2 facts

1. 27 states grow barley

2. 4th most important cereal crop