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Traitor amongst the Thanes!!!!!

Hear ye, Hear ye. There is a traitor amongst the thanes of Scotland. Thane of cawdor turned traitor during the battle with Macdonwald. To put this suspicion to rest a couple soldiers saw the thane of cawdor consulting with the enemy in his own castle. The thane of glamis, Macbeth, gained his new title as the thane of cawdor after the battle and was very surprised for this new promotion among the thanes. He might as well be king at this point. King duncan is said to be welcomed into the new thane of cawdors castle tonight to celebrate the occasion. King duncan stated ''im very proud of results of the battle, and very proud that the thane of cawdor was met with justice.'' Tonight at seven, what to do about bad teeth.


Murder In The Court!!!!!!!!!

Late last night, the king of Scotland Doug Duncan, was killed last night by a pair of very drunk guards. The scene was horrendous. King duncans body was riddled with dagger stabs and gashes. it was a very bloody scene and this did not go without justice. Macbeth seized the bloody daggers and without questioning them, killed them on the spot of the scene. Malcolm and donalbain was said to have left the scene of the crime, shortly last night. lets just say that they are suspects too. The castle guards stated ''those guys wouldnt of done it, they were idiots but not murderers.'' Nevertheless, justice has been done, or has it. Thank you for reading Old News TODAY. Scotlands only and best news.