Kate Dicamillo

By Lexi Bauer

What Got Her Started

Kate got started writing in a class in collage.

She had to write a five hundred word essay.

She had to describe something anything her teacher said. She thought that the asighment was realy cool being able to do what she wanted. And this is what got her started

Her Genre

The type of books she wrights are kids and adults. One of her kids books are Flora And Ulysses. I dont realy know what adult books she wrote because I am not an adult.

Books She Has Wrote

Book Revue's

This Is One Of The Books I Have Read From The Three

Well this book is about a girl who doesn't have a mother. In the beginning she is in her yard playing. Her dad is mowing the lawn. Then their is a yell because her dad sucked up a squirrel. The girl named Flora was terrified. The squirrel was OK, he came out with super powers. He could understand the human language,he could type and walk on his hind legs.

If you didn't read what I had wrote up for the other books then I will tell you again.

I think that you would rely enjoy this book because it has happy things sad things and funny things and you cant forget the scary things.


This is a website that you can go to if you want to find more

information on my favorite other Kate Dicamillo.