HOLA Families Newsletter Oct 24th

Holbrook Language Academy

Message from Principal Orellana

Dear HOLA Community,

We had a wonderful Fall Fest at Holbrook Language Academy last Friday: I am so proud of our school community for coming together and for having fun together!! Our students are learning from our example and when they see we are a community, they feel safe and part of something bigger than themselves. #WeAreHolbrook #SomosHolbrook


At Holbrook we value and fully support Dual Language Education. Los idiomas son como alas, con dos se puede volar. (Languages are like wings, you can fly with two of them!) As I have been sharing, we have the three pillars of Dual Language Education as our Dual Language Goals (Bilingualism and biliteracy, high academic achievement, and cross cultural competence). I invite you to ask your child, what are the three pillars of dual language? What are you working on right now and what pillar is that?

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To all Families of Filipino origin, Happy Filipino American Heritage Month. October is the month chosen to honor the positive contributions of Filipino American in the U.S. Encourage your children at home to learn about the beautiful Filipino culture. The link below has plenty of books for children and teenagers to help us grow in our cross-cultural competence.

As you know our PFC is hosting a Reading Club- each month we are learning and reading about a culture or special event: When a student reads a book about the Filipino culture in the month of October, he or she will receive a special recognition. Join in this wonderful initiative to foster global citizenship and love for reading!



At Holbrook we have several amazing ways to celebrate our Jets' birthdays: Their names are announced on speaker in the morning, they get a surprise in the office, we have the chance to put their names on the marquee and the teachers make the Jet have a special day! Please, do not send cupcakes or treats to school.

If you are planning a birthday party at home, make sure invitations are given out after school hours. Thank you all for helping with this!


Today we had our second School Site Council Meeting of the year. I would like to formally welcome our new members: Parents and Community members: Donna Wirth, Kimberly Alford, and Paul Reyes. Teachers: Henar Requejo Martinez and Audriana Mejia.

Returning members: Karen Mejia (Teacher), Jackie McClure (Other school personnel), Robert Jaquet, and Nayelli Lopez (Parents)

School Site Council (SSC) Meetings will be held on the second Monday of the month.

Dates for the Year:

11/14, 12/12, 01/09, 02/13, 03/13, 04/10, 05/08. All HOLA parents are welcome. Only SSC members are able to vote.

Cross-cultural competence:

Below you have the information on the Second Annual Dia de los Muertos Project. I invite you and your family to take time to work together on this cultural project.

We look forward to having great weeks ahead!

In gratitude,

- Principal Orellana

#WeAreHolbrook #SomosHolbrook #HOLAseis #HOLAproud

Parent Teacher Conferences

When: October 17th thru October 28.

By appointment. Please, make sure to sign up. Conferences are 15-20 minutes long.

Early dismissal as follows: TK and K: 1:35pm, 1, 2 and 3rd: 1:30 pm; 4th-8th grade: 1:35pm.

During Parent Teacher conferences, our teachers will share assessment results, and ways for our families and school to support the success of each of our Jets! Please, make every effort to attend the conferences.

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📆 Upcoming Events

October 17-28: Parent Teacher Conferences. Dismissal times: TK-K: 1:35pm, 1-3 1:30 pm, 4-8: 1:35pm.

October 24-28: Red Ribbon Week: Monday: Wear Red; Tuesday: Wear your clothes backward, Wednesday: Wear your pajamas; Thursday: Wear your favorite sports gear; Friday: Wear HOLA spirit wear or our school colors (burgundy and grey/silver)

October 28- Cafecito con la Directora (8:30pm) and ELAC Meeting (9:00am)

Mid October-Mid November: Transfer Process from 8th grade to High School- *8th grade families, Your child/ren are going to their school residence for High School. I have been assured that all High Schools will have the same program options for all children. If you prefer a different school (other than your school of residence), you need to do the Transfer process and select "choice" as the reason. The transfer process is an online process.

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Announcements and Events



In celebration of Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) many build Altares (Altars) in honor of their loved ones who have passed away.

An altar is a space used to place all the wonderful things that remind us of those loved ones who have passed. It can consist of pictures, candles, flowers, foods they enjoyed, rosaries, and crosses.

When creating an altar, these items are considered “ofrendas” (offerings/gifts). Students will be creating a shoebox altar for a loved one that has passed away in their family. We are keeping in mind that, the main purpose for this project is for students to get to know a family member that they never met, and/or to honor a loved one that they were fortunate to interact with.

Remember, there is no wrong way and this is your personal memory--your personal gift--to your loved one. Just make it authentically from your heart! Please have completed project submitted to be displayed by October 31, 2022. Drop off location will be the Holbrook cafeteria.

Step 1

Paint a shoebox in colors often seen in Dia de los Muertos altars, such as rich purples, pinks, reds, and orange-yellow colors. Cover the inside as well as the outside of the shoebox, then allow it to dry for about 30 minutes.

Step 2

Turn the box on its side so it stands tall lengthwise. Trace an arch on any color construction paper and cut it out. Attach it to what is now the top front of your box with glue or tape.

Step 3

Place a photo of a deceased loved one you are honoring in the center of the box. Fill the box with items that remind you of the person, such as CDs by the person's favorite band, copied pages from favorite books, and favorite knickknacks. Step 4

Fill the remaining spaces in the box and surround the box with candles, marigolds, perforated paper, and small glasses of water. These items represent the four elements, fire, earth, wind, and water, all of which are traditionally represented in Dia de los Muertos altars.

To make your own Day of the Dead Shoebox Altar you need:

–Shoe-box of any size

–Paper or wrapping paper to cover your box or paint

–Pictures of passed loved ones

–Items loved ones enjoyed -remember anything counts as an offering –Candle (LED please)

–Tissue for flowers- optional, but flowers play a big part

in the decor of an altar.

You can also use fake flowers.

Hosted by

Holbrook CARES


DIA DE LOS MUERTOS: MAQUETA DE UN ALTAR en una caja de zapatos

Para celebrar el DĂ­a de los Muertos, muchos construyen Altares (Altares) en honor a sus seres queridos que han fallecido.

Un altar es un espacio utilizado para colocar todas las cosas maravillosas que nos recuerdan a aquellos seres queridos que han fallecido. Puede consistir en imágenes, velas, flores, comidas que disfrutaron, rosarios y cruces.

Al crear un altar, estos elementos se consideran "ofrendas" (ofrendas / regalos). Los estudiantes crearán un altar de caja de zapatos para un ser querido que falleció en su familia. Tenemos en cuenta que el propósito principal de este proyecto es que los estudiantes conozcan a un miembro de la familia que nunca conocieron y / o honrar a un ser querido con el que tuvieron la suerte de interactuar.

Recuerde, no hay forma incorrecta y este es su recuerdo personal, su regalo personal, para su ser querido. ¡Hágalo auténticamente desde su corazón!

Por favor, envíe el proyecto completo para que se muestre antes del 31 de octubre de 2022. El lugar de entrega será la cafetería de Holbrook.

Paso 1

Pinta una caja de zapatos en colores que se ven a menudo en los altares del DĂ­a de los Muertos, como pĂşrpuras intensos, rosas, rojos y colores amarillo anaranjado. Cubre el interior y el exterior de la caja de zapatos, luego deja que se seque durante unos 30 minutos.

Paso 2

Gire la caja de lado para que quede alta a lo largo. Trace un arco en cualquier papel de construcciĂłn de color y recĂłrtelo. AdjĂşntelo a lo que ahora es el frente superior de su caja con pegamento o cinta adhesiva.

Paso 3

Coloque una foto de un ser querido fallecido al que esté honrando en el centro de la caja. Llene la caja con elementos que le recuerden a la persona, como CD de la banda favorita de la persona, páginas copiadas de sus libros favoritos y chucherías favoritas.

Paso 4

Llene los espacios restantes en la caja y rodee la caja con velas, caléndulas, papel perforado y vasos pequeños de agua. Estos elementos representan los cuatro elementos, fuego, tierra, viento y agua, todos los cuales están tradicionalmente representados en los altares del Día de los Muertos.

Para hacer tu propio Altar de caja de zapatos del Día de los Muertos necesitas: –Caja de zapatos de cualquier tamaño

–Papel o papel de regalo para cubrir su caja o pintura

–Fotografías de seres queridos fallecidos

–Artículos que los seres queridos disfrutaron

-recuerde que cualquier cosa cuenta como una ofrenda

–Vela (LED por favor)

–Papel para flores- opcional, pero las flores juegan un papel importante en la decoración de un altar.

También puedes usar flores falsas.

Alojado por

Holbrook CARES

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