The Internet

and how we use it

Well what is the internet?

The Internet is just a really big Wide Area Network (WAN) and all of its information is stored on billions of servers around the world. It is the network made up of networks and supports the World Wide Web & E-mail.
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IP addresses and DNS servers

IP's and DNS

Every website is stored on a server and has IP (Internet Protocol) address. If you type in Facebook, you're computer will recognise it as the IP's domain address so instead of typing in, you computer would let you access it by typing

When you type in the domain name, it gets sent to the DNS (Domain Name System) which finds out the domain name. Then, the DNS sends to domain name to the Database which finds out what the IP of the website is. After finding out, it gets sent to the server which sends it back to your computer and then you can view what you wanted to view

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