You Are Half Way There!

Is your business where you want it to be this month?

Use Those Specials To Your Advantage!

Show Me What You Got!

These polish titles are aptly named for you, Ladies!! Here's how to get them:

To get "The Girls Are Out"- Sign up a stylist before June 30th!

To get "Shake Your $$ Maker"- All who qualify this month will be entered to win this polish PLUS another surprise from me.

To Get "Rock The Boat"- Get another trunk show on the books for JUNE

(Make sure to email me when you book your show so I know to send you your prize!

Don't forget about Pop Up Shops this Month!

Out of the box shows!

Retirement homes- The nurses LOVE it

Hospitals- They usually accept vendors, so call the local one in your area to see if you would be able to set up

Restaurants/Lounges- You could ask if they ever have a "Ladies Happy Hour" that you could piggy back on

Local Winery- Tastings and Trying on Stella & Dot?! Yes please!

Boutiques in your area- does not have to be clothing- think home goods, baby boutiques, lingerie shop, salons, etc

Real Estate Offices

Any of your Dr.'s offices! Come in at lunch and do a quick set up for the staff!

Make sure you are listening to the training calls!

Whether you catch them all on recording or hear them live, try and get what you can from what is provided. Team Sparkle and Golden Girls has calls to help YOU be a better stylist. Also not to miss, the Tips From The Top Series and the new Rookies on The Rise. You can find them in SDU- under "training calls" - scroll to the bottom left to click the category of calls you are looking for!

Ideas on how to get the most out of the summer- From Diamond Director, Tysh Mefford

1. If you want to continue your trunk shows with a busy summer schedule: Look at your calendar for the summer and plan your trunk shows around your vacations and holidays. You can do your trunk shows all in one week if you want to due to lots of travel in a month! It's smart and that's the beauty of Stella & Dot (and I guarantee you will love it)!

2. If you are a leader and you want to continue to hit your pay rank... First, I'd front load your month! Earn your Volume rebate by the 15th of the month... it's a great summer feeling! Second, share share share the opportunity! Do it more than you ever have! Summer is the best time to start a Stella & Dot business because new Stylists up and running for the fall!

3. If you want to take a break due to summer vacations and travel: Look at your summer schedule now, and decide when you'd like to "come back!" When would you like to start having your Fall trunk shows? August? September? Decide when, and book those now! Who asked you to call them back when the new line launched? Plan your own Fall Debut trunk show. My biggest tip would be to put them on the calendar now! I'm a BIG BELIEVER that even if you are wanting to "take a break", if you can keep 1 toe in the door by doing at least 1 trunk show in June AND July, you'll be SO glad you did! Think "jewels by the pool" or a quick hour in an office. Also, consider having some jewels in a tote with you at all times... I have my best sellers ALONG with some sale items and the sale pdf. I made 2 orders doing this last week...selling jewels on the go!