The False Prince

By: Jennifer A. Nielsen


The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen is a fictional chapter book. The genre is fiction. The setting takes place in Conner's mansion called Farthenwood. In Carthya Civil war is brewing. Three of the four royals are dead. One of the kings sons, Jaron was sent away to a school across the sea. The ship that Jaron was on was attacked by pirates. Jaron is believed to be dead. A nobleman named Conner has a plan to stop the civil war and Carthya from collapsing in on its self! Four boys were chosen to be in Conner's plan. Can only four boys stop a civil war and Carthya from collapsing on its self! Find out how it ends in The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen!


One of the Highlights was that Sage was able to trick Conner in the end and then sent Conner to jail for murder. Another was that Tobias found out that Conner read his paper on how he could kill him.


One of the lowlights were that Tobias had to stab Sage in the back to stop him from becoming the person Conner pick's. Another was that Conner got mad at Sage because he wouldn't give him a rock

Favorite Characters

My favorite character is Sage. He's my favorite character because he was hiding things from people and was doing that very good. He was also able to fool Conner a few times.

Why should someone read or not read this book

I think someone should read this book because there is a great story going along with great characters. There is a bunch of action and secrets that are kept. You never know what is gonna happen next!