Trouble absorbing certain amino acids

What is Hartnup?

Hartnup is a disease that affects the absorption of certain amino acids into the small intestins then reabsorbing into the kidneys. This will affect the whole body.

What systems does Hartnup affect?

Hartnup will affect the Nervous system and the Digestive system.
Hartnup disorder

Who It Affects

Hartnup will effect anyone that has it. Both young or old, male or female will get it. The attacks are worse in the beginning, but then as you get older they start to get less frequent and less harmful.


  • A urinary test

  • Doctors will go to your family history and see if they have had it

  • lacking in amino acids

  • talk about the symptoms.

How do you get Hartnup?

This condition/disease is autosomal recessive trait.You are born with it. If both you parents have Hartnup, you will get hartnup. An autosomal recessive trait is a abnormal gene that is apparent in both of you parents.
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Signs and Symtoms

Some signs and symptoms of Hartnup are rashes, scaly skin, diarrhea, and short stature.


There is no actual cure for this condition, however, there are ways to slow it down. Eating lean meat and skinless poultry (birds), staying away from direct sunlight, using sunscreen or sun protected clothes, and a change in you diet, eat health foods not candy.


I do not know anyone with this condition. I just looked it up on google.