By Will Hobbs

Bearstone is about a boy whose parents died and has to live with this old man named Walter. Walters wife died some years ago. Some time the boy will hear Walter talking to his wife that died about the boy and how he is hard to handle. The boys name is Cloyed. Cloyed doesn't like Walter at first and disobeys him a lot. Walter has some really precious peach trees that he really admires. One day Cloyed got so mad that he went out and cut in to all of the peach trees so that they would slowly die down. After that Walter gave up on him for a while and sent him back to his grandmother's house. After a while though Walter decided to give Cloyed another Chance. When Cloyed came back, Walter and him became pretty close. Walter had a Horse named Blue-Boy. Cloyed loved Blue-Boy. Walter had always liked to mine up in the mountains, but when his wife was alive she wouldn't let him because she thought it was to dangerous. Since she died Walter realized that he could go mining again. Walter, Cloyed, and Blue-Boy all took a trip up the mountain to go mining but run into some trouble.