Ventana Vistas

February 12 - February 16

Volunteers Needed for Mathathon Lunchtime Quizzes

Looking for help using flash cards at lunch to quiz kids on Math questions! Just for participating they get a sticker! On your day or time flash cards will be available for pickup and return to the office as well as stickers. A super fun way to connect with the kids! Please take 2 or 3 photos and email to!/showSignUp/30E0D4FA5AD2DA6FA7-mathathon

Love of Reading Night AND 7th Annual Book Exchange!

Save the date for Love of Reading Night on Friday, March 2. This is a fun-filled evening for families to enjoy while celebrating reading! Look for more details coming soon.

Along with Love of Reading Night is our 7th Annual Book Exchange (5-5:30).

Who? Every student at Ventana Vista is invited to participate.

What? A book exchange allows you to trade books you are finished with at home, from the hundreds of other books students your age have brought to school to trade.

Why? You get to clean off your crowded bookshelves at home that are filled with books you have already read, and refill them with different books. Yahoo! A whole bunch of new books to read!

How it Works? You will receive a "Book Buck" for every book you bring from home (make sure it's OK with your parents).

•If you bring in Kindergarten-2nd Gr. books, then you can trade for K-2 books.

•If you bring in 3rd-5th Gr. books, then you can trade for 3-5 books.

On the night of the Exchange, you select books equal for the ones you trade in (up to *5)

When? Start bringing your books from home now! Bring them to the library and receive your "Book Bucks" for the Exchange on Friday night, March 2, the evening of our school's Love of Reading Night, the hundreds of books available will be displayed in the MPR. You get to select books equal to the number of "Book Bucks" you received (1-5)*.

*Extra books will be donated to the "Make Way for Books" organization who distributes books around our community.

District Flyers

CFSD Governing Board Members

Amy Bhola, President

Amy Krauss, Vice President

Doug Hadley, Board Member

Eileen Jackson, Board Member

Carole Siegler, Board Member

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent