World War II

Cole Hambacker Academic 4

WW I " the war to end all wars" but is it really? You see I honestly think that WW II is really the "war to end all wars.I think this because in WW II unlike World War I it had one of the most infamous things, the holocaust. Also I think this because in WW II they made new inventions that made war even more sicking and are used even today.But these are not the only reasons I think WW II is the worst war yet.

Also WW II is the most racist and judgmental based war because, if you were Jewish our any other "imperfect" race then you would be prosecuted like how in the text World War II it states, "one of the cruelest reasons of the war was Hitlers racist hate for Jews." Another reason I think WW II was the worst war is because of the atomic bomb, a bomb that could wipe out millions of people with just a push of a button. Like when the U.S dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. So this is why I think WW II is the worst war yet, because it is.

And one last reason I think this war is the most sicking is that it could have been prevented just by not signing the treaty. Also because of how many bystanders that were killed. But you see this is why I think WWII is so sicking because of ALL of this!