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By: Iain Hampton

Sea Life Aquarium

Have you ever ever seen a shark, sting ray or a jellyfish in real life. If not then this is the place for you. Sea Life Aquarium in grapevine mills mall has a variety of sea animals from sea horses to sharks . Iain Hampton went to the Sea Life Aquarium with his grandmother and sister to have a fun day on his vacation on March, 11. He said his experience was great and he would gladly go there another time. At Sea Life Aquarium you can hold a starfish pet a 60 year old turtle and you can also learn about how they save the animals or rescue th n from the wildlife then release them when ready.

I Met Chuck Norris

I met Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is so awesome because Chuck Norris can do anything. It was at one of Chuck Norrises movie premires and i saw him in the front row so like any interesting person i decided to check it out and it was actually him. When i said is that you Chuck Norris he said yes that is me and he said i hope to see you some day again. Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life.

Riding a camel in the desert

Camels can weigh up to 300-1000 kg

A camel stores fat on its back known as humps

When i went to Egypt i had a chance to ride a camel with an expert guide to the pyrimids so of course I took that oppertunity. When i saw the camel it was so tall and wierd looking. The camel i rode on spit so much and they can hold lots of water. It was probally the most fun i have ever had in the world to ride on a camel.