The geograhraphy of Egypt

By jarren jaime

The NIle River

The Nile River makes a big impact on ancient Egypt because without the river being there the Egyptians wouldn't have existed. Because Egypt is so hot the river provided them water, food including 32 different types of fish, and coolness. The Nile river makes it hard for people in boats because of the delta and all the cataract. It also prevented a lot of wars because of the the cataract.

The sahara desert

The sahara desert is very HOT! plants and animals can't survive there. They will problaby have a heat stroke. The sahara desert is west from the Nile River. If anyone would go through the sahara desert they would need lots and lots of water.

Jarren Wilson Jaime

I liked exploring about the egyptians because I learned about there past and how they lived. i also learned about how the things around them helped a lot like the nile river. i learned about how they read, write, and message each other.

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