swim prep for the worst

The best training googles around!

The Leaky Goggles!

Are you worried about your googles falling off at swim meets? Now introducing the new Leaky Goggles! They prepare you for the worst by purposely getting water in them! They have tiny holes in the sides that let water get in while you are swimming. This preps you for the disaster that could happen at any moment during your race. It is great for ordinary swimmers like you! Even great Olympic swimmers use them, like Michael Phelps! His mother told a reporter that 'she was so proud of her son and that the Leaky Goggles helped fulfill his dreams.' Everyone is loving this and if you get it, you'll love it too! It is getting super popular; it has even become a new trend! If you want to stay with the popular trends, then you should definitely by the Leaky Goggles! But hurry now and buy it at a store near you before they run out!

Even Michael Phelps Approves!

Michael Phelps uses them every time he swims and he loves them! "I will never train the same way again," he stated "I have broken 6 world records at the Olympics because of them! I would never go back to wearing regular goggles!"