Ink, Rethinked

Dear Kieara,

Hey my name is Elsa, On my 21st birthday, which was about two weeks ago, i kind of did something reckless... At 2 am i decided i wanted to get a tattoo and i let my friend pick out the tattoo and i wasn't going to be able to find out what it was until the next day. When i took the bandage of it was very stupid picture and i was wondering can and how i could get it removed?

Dear Elsa,

I have received many clients that have had the same problem just as you. You can get your tattoo removed. But you might have to find a good place in your area to get treatments to get it removed. I suggest that you go look up a few tattoo removal places in your area and get some reviews on their service before you go to that place. I recommend that you go to alot of my writers tell me that they have very good service. I hope your able to get your tattoo removed...I wish you luck.