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First things first...

We will go to the library for a Gallery Walk to look at other books that have been used to make book trailers. You get to use your phones (!) so have them with you to scan QR codes. Be sure you have downloaded an app for scanning QR codes. If you haven't got one you can find that here:

If you would like to preview some book trailers or reviews, do so here.

(Also if you are absent on the day we go to the library, this will suffice for the Gallery Walk. Be sure to watch both trailers and write a quick summary of what you saw.)

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Before you start: Know why you need to cite sources.

Resources for Copyright-free or Royalty-free Images and Graphics

Creative Commons
Free Foto
Dreams Time
Elfwood SciFi & Fantasy Art
Pixabay Note: Although Pixabay does not require it, attribution is always required for this class!*
Image Base

Resources for Copyright-free, Royalty-free Music

Incompetech Composer Kevin MacLeod has made his music freely available and is helpfully organized by genre and mood.

ccMixter Community music site; licensing depends on creator
Creative Commons
Partners In Rhyme
Open Music Archive Out-of-copyright recordings

Evaluating Sources and Applying the CRAAP test

You may use the following mind-mapping tools.

You may use either Animoto or Kizoa to create your book trailer.

Be sure and link to our library catalog to write reviews.

Citation Tools

Double check your writing and grammar!

  • Online Grammar Check Resources

  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
OWL Resources for Grades 7-12 Instructors and Students
MLA Overview and Workshop


Book cover images:

Jackson, Elizabeth. "Coffee: Oddfellows." 2014.