MAPSS ~ Annual Performance Review

MACS Board of Education Meeting~ February 16, 2016


Each year all MSP grants must prove they are being met with fidelity. In the case of the MAPSS grant this is especially critical since we were the largest MSP grant funded this year, $1.6 million. As the fiscal agent of the MAPSS grant we must ensure that the federal funds are being allocated according to the original plan. In addition, we must ensure that implementation and evaluation are being conducted according to the original plan. Based on our findings the MAPSS grant has many components to celebrate!

The Impact on Mount Airy City Schools

One of the greatest resources our teachers can receive is the opportunity to participate in high-quality professional development. Our Mount Airy City Schools teachers have received 691 hours of professional development as of February 16, 2016. Looking forward all of our teachers will receive an additional 12 hours (each) during the February 17-18 MAPSS Spring Retreat. As always all of our teachers have daily access to Dr. Joe Ferrara (UTD) for continued support and lifetime access to the WFU-UTD online repository of problem and project-based cases.
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Our Biggest Celebration!!!!

Request for Expansion

We are extremely proud that our biggest celebration is that we are not only asking for continued funding of the MAPSS grant, in addition, we are asking for an expansion!!! The proposed expansion will allow us to begin new partnerships with 5 additional school districts in our region.

  1. Asheboro City Schools
  2. Stokes County Schools
  3. Surry County Schools
  4. Thomasville City Schools
  5. Yadkin County Schools

The expansion, if approved, will allow MAPSS to reach 40 additional teachers and thousands of students. All of this will be in addition to our Year 2 cohort that includes 80 teachers from the original Year 1 districts (Alamance-Burlington, Davidson County, Lexington City, Mount Airy City and Randolph County).

Therefore, if we receive the approval, the MAPSS grant will reach 120 teachers across 10 school districts for Year 2. This is a major celebration of the work that has been completed this year by our Year 1 teachers.