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February 20 - February 23

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  • Dr. Katy Kamkar of CBT Associates and CAMH recently contributed to the House of Commons Justice Committee on juror mental health, addressing the needs of jurors who serve in difficult trials. You can watch the video here.

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CBT Associates to provide counselling for CAMH staff

We’re honoured to have been chosen to provide counselling and on-site services for the staff and physicians of the CAMH, Canada’s leading addiction and mental health teaching & research hospital. CBT Associates began providing the CAMH team with on-site CBT and crisis management on February 12th. Our team of psychologists will be present on-site for CAMH staff—and a surge of early interest means we will increase our availability from 4 days a week to 5 beginning on February 20th. Additional sessions at CBT Associates clinics will also be available if needed.

It’s exciting to be given the chance to help those who help others, and provide our standard of excellent care for CAMH’s health care professionals and support staff.

Assessment Rounds

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to announce that I'll be facilitating assessment rounds going forward, Wednesdays at 1pm. We'll continue to discuss assessment issues, like difficult differential diagnoses, diagnostic uncertainty, and other assessment related topics, or any issue where you might need support or want to bounce ideas off the team. Looking forward to seeing everyone there, and a big thank you to Vytas for taking the time to organize and run the assessment rounds for all this time.


CBT is looking for someone new to join our team!

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In-House Training Session Schedule

Hi all,

Please review the attached document below to see the dates and times of our In-House Training sessions. All dates are subject to change.

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Hi Everyone,

Please see the note below from our friends in Hamilton. Please take a few minutes to provide feedback, as they have been generous in letting us use this tool for our assessments.

In our efforts to refine and improve the DART, we are very interested in obtaining your feedback. Please use the link below to complete a very brief survey regarding your experience using the DART. We greatly appreciate your time in completing the survey.

Please note that we plan on sending out the final version of the DART in the next week and then we will move to the validation phase.

Kind Regards,



CACBT-ACTCC Membership Renewal 2018

It is time to renew your CACBT-ACTCC membership for 2018! We were happy to see many of you at our seventh CACBT-ACTCC Annual conference, held in Ottawa in May 2017, which featured several exciting workshops, symposia, student events, and poster sessions reflecting our conference theme, “CBT for All: Recognizing and Embracing Diversity.” Topics included integrating culture into assessment and treatment co-presented by Andrew Ryder and Jessica Dere, motivational interviewing presented by Henny Westra, and therapist guided Internet delivered CBT presented by Heather Hadjistavropoulos, with a keynote address on diversity in CBT presented by CACBT-ACTCC Fellow Trevor Hart. Additionally, we were pleased to offer a day of workshops presented in French, including one on CBT and PTSD presented by Stephane Guay. CBT practitioners from across Canada enjoyed the opportunity to network and learn from each other.

Our Conference Committee is working on our next Annual Conference now, which will take place in Vancouver, BC on May 11-12, 2018. We are actively working to plan another exciting opportunity to highlight the science and practice of CBT, with featured addresses and workshops reflecting our conference theme, “Innovations and Advances in CBT”. Some highlights of our upcoming conference include:

  • “A Conversation with Dr. Stanley (Jack) Rachman”. Dr. Rachman, one of the foremost authorities in the world on the treatment of anxiety and OCD, will be discussing his early work in the study of anxiety and OCD, as well as his recent research into mental contamination and the judicious use of safety behaviours.
  • David M. Clark from Oxford University, who will be providing a keynote address on his ground-breaking work in developing and implementing the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) program in the UK.
  • Martin Franklin from the University of Pennsylvania, who will also be providing a keynote address, as well as a full-day workshop on CBT for childhood OCD, OC-spectrum, and Tourette’s syndrome.

In addition, a wide range of workshops will be presented, including the dissemination of CBT, cognitions in depression, incorporating mindfulness into CBT, issues in treatment termination, CBT and chronic pain, and more.

Please visit our website often for updates on conference events, speakers and, of course, our upcoming call for submissions. Don’t forget that as an active CACBT-ACTCC member or student affiliate, you are entitled to a significant discount on your conference fee.

CACBT-ACTCC membership also entitles you to have access to our lively list serve where you can network and confer with colleagues throughout Canada and the world, and additional member benefits allow you to keep up to date on new research findings and clinical interventions, learn about training and research opportunities, access a nationwide members directory, and enjoy discounts on leading CBT journals (e.g., Behaviour Research and Therapy, Cognitive and Behavioral Practice).

Our Certification Committee continues to process certification of qualified members, and our list of certified members continues to grow. If you wish to have your skills and qualifications recognized as a certified member of CACBT-ACTCC, check the website for the latest information on how to proceed.

Renew today! Log in to our website at and renew your CACBT-ACTCC membership for 2018 (the membership year is from January 1 to December 31, 2018). The annual fee for Regular Members is $100 plus tax and $50 plus tax for Student Affiliates. Remember, if you are a founding member or credentialed by CACBT-ACTCC, you must keep your membership active to retain your status.

CACBT-ACTCC wants to grow and be responsive to the needs of its members and student affiliates in all parts of Canada. We are looking for regional representatives for our membership committee and regional delegates to guide us. If you, as an active member or affiliate, are interested in helping grow the membership in your area, please share our letter to potential new members; or if you would like to get involved in our organization, please get in touch with me at

You can always get the latest CACBT-ACTCC news by following us on Twitter ( or “Liking” us on Facebook (

With best wishes,

Martin Scherrer, Ph.D., R.Psych

Membership Chair and Founding Member, CACBT-ACTCC
CACBT-ACTCC-Certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Rotman Research Institute Conference

Hi Associates,

The Rotman Research Institute is holding a conference in March this year around the theme of TBI and concussion. The link below tells more about it in case it is of interest to you/other clinicians/clients (and please feel free to discard if not!):

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