Room 23 and the Gang

The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye

The Final Stretch (May 11-15)

Dear Families,

This is the last week of academic learning for the 2019-2020 school year. Although remote learning has had plenty of challenges, it has also had countless successes. We began in what seemed like a blurry maze of confusion and ended in a place where quite a lot of work was accomplished. I thank you all for your willingness to help your child be successful during the soft closure of the schools.

Let's end strong,

Ms. Idso


Please work on IStations reading for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Some of you still haven't taken the montlhy ISIP assessment and that really, really, really, really needs to be taken. It is the last ISIP you will ever take so make it your best. :)

In addition to IStations, I would like to you explore the many reading materials on Epic and/or books you have on your own bookshelves at home.

Daily Tasks:

IStations (reading): minimum 20 minutes

Epic/Personal Books: Read 20 minutes daily

Writing and Spelling

I want you to write a letter to me describing your experiences in fifth grade. Tell me things you liked and things you didn't like. Maybe you have some ideas on how to make fifth grade a better experience for future students or there might be things about fifth grade that you completely DISLIKED; share those with me. Write about the things you enjoyed doing in the classroom (academic or fun). Please be honest; I really want to know your thoughts about fifth grade. Write your letter in an email; my address is

**You are writing a formal letter to your teacher; correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and sentence structure is expected.**

Weekly Task:

Write a letter (in an email) describing your experiences as a fifth grade student. My email address is as follows:


Work on math for one hour each day.

Daily Tasks:

  • ZEARN (20 minutes)
  • Xtra-Math (20 minutes)
  • IStations (20 minutes)

Social Studies

Find the SS assignment in Google Classroom. :)


Check out Miss Rieth's smore page to see what you need to do for science. :)

Remember to come to school this week to pick up your school supplies.

This week, families will be able to pick up personal belongings from Bickel. Grade levels will be staggered around the curb of the school's playground in order to maintain social distancing. (Just like the sack lunch pick-up, you may remain in your vehicle.) Please take the next week to prepare your schedules so that you can pick up the supplies at the assigned time.

**I will be at the school each day to pass out supplies, but on Wednesday I will be leaving at 1:15 to go to a doctor's appointment.**

Tuesday, May 12th 10:00AM-2:00PM - Only students with last names that begin with A-G

Wednesday, May 13th 10:00AM-2:00PM - Only students with last names that begin with H-O

Thursday, May 14th 10:00AM-2:00PM - Only students with last names that begin with P-Z

Next week, the week of the 18th, Chromebooks will need to be returned to the school. When I have the specific dates/times, I will post that information on DOJO and/or email.

I hope to see you this week when you pick up your supplies.