Playing Basketball

In the span of five years for four different teams, I have played over 100 basketball games. Beginning with the Jefferson Youth Traveling basketball at the age of nine, I knew it was a good fit. One year later, a basketball coach from Randolph, Wisconsin asked me to join a basketball team in Randolph consisting of players from all around the state of Wisconsin. I am going on my 5th year as a member of the Roberts Bros. basketball team. At the age of 11, my previous school, St. John the Baptist, gave me the opportunity to play basketball in the Central State Catholic School Basketball League. I played there for two years when in 2014 I decided to transfer to Jefferson Middle School and joined the seventh grade basketball team. Evidently, I joined the eighth grade basketball team this season.

The reason why I love basketball is because I have had a basketball hoop in my backyard for the past seven years that has constantly helped me progress as a basketball player. When I play basketball, I feel my adrenaline pumping and my heart racing. All I see is the front of the hoop and the net. I pretend that the fans are cheering and yelling my name while I wipe the sweat off my face. I feel the ball in the palm of my hand while I attempt to help my team win the game. Competitiveness and my drive to win takes over.

Watching Basketball on TV

Watching basketball on the television is one of my favorite hobbies. I really enjoy watching college basketball the most. Secondly, I watch professional basketball the second-most. In addition, I watch skills competitions that involve highly talented basketball players from local areas. I frequently watch television shows and movies about basketball (i.e. documentaries and fictional stories.)

When I watch basketball, I see the triumphant stories about ordinary people who become superstars in their respective leagues. I hear hardworking players and coaches. I see professional or collegiate athletes’ hard work pay off by winning championships. I feel inspired by the players who excel at the highest level. At all costs, I get nervous watching nail biting come down to the wire. My father teaches me what the players are doing well, and sometimes what they are doing wrong. I learn how to become better at basketball by watching the players and mirroring them on the court.

Going to Basketball Games

Every month, I frequently go to basketball games with my father, or sometimes my friends. The basketball games I go to consist from different levels including: Professional basketball games, college basketball games, high school basketball games, and even youth basketball games. Rarely, when I play basketball games, I go to banquets to celebrate our season. When I go to basketball games with my father, they are usually in the local areas.

At the basketball games, I see players up close and personal while studying their methods of playing the game. I hear the buzzer sound and the fans cheering for the home team. I smell the popcorn and the food being cooked outside, Later, I eat the cooked food while sitting in my seat. I shake the hands of the players and the coaches as they walk by. My stomach drops when something amazing occurs. I feel flustered when the home team is losing the game. Feelings of nervousness occur when the game is very close. In addition, I self teach myself how to be as good as the players that I am watching earn their paychecks.