The Rideau Report

March 2022

March is here, how about spring?

Bonjour les Rhinos!

It is almost March break! Second term is well on its way and students are practicing their writing skills as we are building their writing stamina. Two years of COVID and remote learning has had its toll on their fine-motor skills. Teachers are creating neat writing activities so students have the chance to practice daily.

Many classes have also taken advantage of the cold and gone to Victoria park for skating and sometimes just for playing. We have been deprived of our outdoor recess time last week because the yard was a complete skating rink, we are happy to be able to use it this week. Snow has its advantage at times.

March Break is from the 14 to the 18.

Grade 6 pictures has been scheduled for March 21, I hope this date does not change again.

The gradual release of safety measures regarding COVID is starting at school as well. Students no longer have to wear masks outside, but they still need to wear them on the bus. Community Use of School is back, therefore piano lessons with Deb Schuurmans will be able to resume. Her email address is and her cell number is 613 532 8983.

Registrations for kindergarten are open, visit the Limestone site for more information. If you are registering a student with special needs, there is a transition workshop on Wednesday.

We have been made aware of a free online Glee Class (pop/vocal/dance) for students in grades 1 - 5. It is on March 29 after school. Follow this link for more information.

As I shared last month, we are putting a yearbook together. We have a team of grade 6 students who eagerly take pictures every week to document the school year. Yearbooks are available to purchase on line for $20 at and the yearbook ID code is 13186822.

Spirit Days

March 4 - Rideau Spirit Day

March 11 - PJ Day

March 25 - Hat Day

April 1 - Crazy Hair Day

Rideau Spring Yard Sale: Starting the new year off with some decluttering? Hold off on that donation drop-off and save items to donate to our spring yard sale fundraiser instead! Donations of clothes, toys, books, sports equipment, and small household items are welcome. Stay tuned for details in the coming months.

Parent Council -> Our next meeting is on March 31, at 6:30. With the lifting of restrictions, it will be possible to meet in person.

Lost & Found -> It is impressive the amount of clothing we have in our lost & found. Please come and claim it.

Valerie Arsenault

Acting Principal

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