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Week of March 28

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Refreshed and ready to return for a fantastic finish!! We are on the home stretch and I know you are all geared up, focused and have your eye on June 1st to complete the 2016 school year with flying colors!!

This Wednesday we will be celebrating our third Schools to Watch re-designation as well as learning details for the upcoming AIR testing. Please be in the Learning Commons by 2:30 so we can begin on time. We would like you to also bring your laptop with you as well.

Item #1 - State Testing Update: (link includes dates, schedules)

Link to the Nagel State Testing One Stop

Item # 2 - Morning Computer Support

Please remember Debbie Ludwig is available in the mornings (7:00-7:40) for students to get additional support/work time on completing computer based assignments (NEWSELA, TenMarks, Membean) Please sign up on the linked Google Doc prior to your team's day.

Item #3 - Report Cards

The window to enter grades is from Thursday, March 31st through Wednesday, April 6th.

All grades must be entered by Wednesday, April 6th 11:59 p.m.

Report cards will be mailed on Friday, April 8th.

Item #4 - Forest Hills 5K

May the course be with you shirt can be yours, PLUS YOU help support the Forest Hills Foundation for Education PLUS no cost for you to register PLUS the Nagel Nation can maintain its record to win a FREE lunch for everyone if we ALL register!! So easy, so simple. Click link below and as you near the end, be sure to enter promo code. You should NOT have to enter any credit card information at all. If you have trouble, please stop by and see Jodie.


Item #5 - BLUE SOAR Cards

SOARing through AIR!--State Test Celebration

Please see the AIR test celebration information document below. Encore teachers and team leaders should have received a stack of light blue AIR testing soar cards to be awarded to the students during the weeks leading up to and during testing. If you need more of these special Soar cards let Melissa know.

PLEASE really promote the soar cards for positive behavior regarding testing. Students will know if their teachers do not pass out soar cards as their team celebration bucket will not be full!

SOARing through AIR

Item #6 - Timeline Changes

Please reference the Timeline of events document linked below.

We have made changes to the Extended CAT and Extended Team Time dates due to testing.

Changes have been noted in RED.

Timeline of Events for Nagel Middle School

Item #7 - Room 115

Starting after Spring Break room 115 is NO LONGER available for CAT meetings. Achievers, please notify your department if you need to find a new location. ​

Item #8 - Summer Opportunity

We are looking for technology-focused educators to help teach our local technology camps this summer for kids 7-13 years old. This is a summer-only position for 4-9 weeks (June 6-August 5). We provide training.

Do you know someone that would be perfect for this? If so, can you forward this to them?

Item #9 - Absenses

Beginning this week, if you need to miss work and it is after 6:00 AM, please call me at 859.750.4563.

Item #10 - Mark your calendar

At our April 27 staff meeting, Scot Prebles, our new superintendent will be here to hold a SWOT meeting. He is encouraging ALL of you to attend as he is wanting to hear from you. The meeting will begin at 2:30.

Item #11 - OMLA Conference October 27-28

Attention those who enjoy 'showing what you know'! The Ohio Middle Level Association Annual Conference is going to be in Cincinnati this year! They are looking for presenters. Let me know if you are interested in presenting so I can give you more details.

January-May Nagel Middle School Timeline




29 - Extended CAT - LA/SS

30 - Staff Meeting

31- Spring Pics - optional - during lunch on the stage


1 - End of Q3

4 - Extended Team Time

5 - NO CAT

5 - Grades Due

5 - WEB Group Play 12-2:30 in the LC

6 - Team Leader @ 2:30

6 - Advisory Rep @ 2:30

6 - WEB Group Play 12-2:30 in the LC

7 - Extended Team Time

7 - WEB Group Play 12-2:30 in the LC

8 - Report cards mailed


Tech Bytes

Windows 10 Update:

You might receive a notice to update your operating system on your district provided computers. Please disregard this notice by selecting cancel or closing the notice window. We, as a district will eventually move to Windows 10 but this update will not run properly on your device and may cause problems if your try to proceed.

Please use

We trust that you are satisfied with the level of tech assistance you receive here at Nagel. Our response times are great partially because Nagel teachers are very good about reporting issues as they arise. Unfortunately many of these services are not properly recorded in our tracking system because teachers and other staff members neglect to send the request through As the district reviews our data we dramatically under report as compared to the other schools. This may result in fewer resources or less assistance when in actuality, we need it. Please be aware that neither Tommy (our new Forward Edge Tech) nor Kyle will be able to complete any tech repair or assistance unless you fill out a service request via email to

Low Computer Inventory Update:

Sorry, but are on option #3 now. Please send your additional device back to the LC - ASAP. Thanks for your help with this matter.