Cardinal Connection



A cheerful frame of mind that enables a tea kettle to sing though in hot water up to its nose. ~Author Unknown

Calendar of Events

  • Dec. 17 Picture Retake (rescheduled from Dec. 8)
  • Dec. 17 SBDM
  • Dec. 17 6:30 Winter Program
  • Dec. 18 Holiday Sing A Long @1:30pm Open invite for those who choose to come
  • Dec. 18 Due: Team plan for shared accountability posters
  • Dec. 21-Jan. 1 Winter Break
  • Jan. 5 No Staff Development (Work on Report Cards)
  • Jan. 6 School Tour
  • Jan. 8 School-wide PBIS Assembly/B-Ball Pep Rally 2:30
  • Jan. 12 Staff Development
  • Jan. 12 Report Card Distribution
  • Jan. 13 School Tour
  • Jan. 13 5th grade All Day PLC
  • Jan. 14 SBDM
  • Jan. 14 4th grade All Day PLC
  • Jan. 15 3rd grade All Day PLC
  • Jan. 18 No School MLK Observance
  • Jan. 19 Staff Development
  • Jan. 19 2nd grade All Day PLC
  • Jan. 20 School Tour
  • Jan. 20 1st grade All Day PLC
  • Jan. 21 ILT
  • Jan. 21 K grade All Day PLC
  • Jan. 26 Staff Development
  • Feb.12 KDE Program Review Audit (Arts/Humanities)

Shared Accountability Working on the Work

Before you speak......................(Great poster for the classroom.)

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Thoughts and Prayers

Please remember your colleagues during this holiday season. Some of your colleagues are currently in a storm, entering a storm or leaving a storm.
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Happy Birthday! December Babies!!

Christy Case 2-Dec

Leslie Spivak 6-Dec

Deloris Malone 9-Dec

Marsha Smith 11-Dec

Helen James 13-Dec

Ashley Becker 15-Dec

Christine Clark 23-Dec

Brenda Brooks 24-Dec

James Oldham 26-Dec

Kimberly Lotze 30-Dec