The 1920s

Eighteenths and Nineteenth Amendments

The Eighteenth Amendments

The eighteenth amendment made it so that the buying and selling of liquor will now be illegal. It was ratified in 1916 and it also didn't support the transport of alcohol. It was eventually overruled by the twenty-first amendment.

The Ninteenth Amendment

The nineteenth amendment allowed the right to vote with women. This amendment as issued in 1920. Now women voting is commonly accepted by Americans .
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Impact of the 18th amendment

This amendment had a huge impact on America because Americans love there alcohol. When we took that away, we had a huge deal and protested and wanted alcohol to come back. We eventually got liquor back from our outrages.

Impact of the 19th amendment

This amendment had a huge impact on America. This gave the rights to women. Now a days women have all the same rights as men now. This opened a whole new gate to women rights in America.