Inigo Jones



Inigo Jones was born in London, United Kingdom on July 15th, 1573. His early life and education was never recorded. It is believed, however, that he traveled for some time during the late 1500s and early 1600s. Jones, being an architect, created the Queen's House at Greenwich, the Queen's Chapel at St. James's Palace, and the Banqueting House, Whitehall. The style of these buildings were different from the typical style normally seen in buildings, making it difficult to be appreciated. His first patron was the Prince of Wales, he worked for him until 1612 when he died. Afterwards Jones worked for the duke of Arundel. He also had patronage from King James I.

Queen's House in Greenwich

This building began constuction in 1616 for Queen Anne but she had died by the time the first floor was finished in 1619. After the death construction had stopped, but began again in 1630 for Queen Henrietta Marie. The building was completed in 1635.

I thought that the Queen's House was beautiful and very intricate. I decided to do some extra research of the house and was in awe of the style and precision of the work. I believe some of the building became slightly more modern, but the layout was very impressive.

humanism- the architectures Jones made were meant to house people so they were created for human enjoyment.


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