A Corner of the Universe

Well Hattie and her family is spending the summer at the boarding house.And while they are there Hatties uncle Adam who she hasn't seen in for ever because he has been at a school for people with mental disabilities.When adam and hattie first met each other they were the best of friends. They talked together they hung out together and they even went to the carnival together.Speaking of the carnival it was also know as Fred Carmels and there was a girl named Liela and hattie liked her it took a couple days for them to actually talk but when they did they became really good friends.And the worst part was when there were these girls who kept calling adam a freak and stuff like that.Finnally Adam got tired of all the bullying and a couple of days after that no one could find adam and after looking for about three hours they finnally found him,he had hung himself.

My opinion on the book

I didnt like the book because it was to slow paced it took to long for anything shocking or important to happen and i guess my favorite part of the book would have to be when Hattie Liela and Adam were at the carnival on Hatties birthday and they rode rides ate and played games all for free.But the best part was when Adam and liela got hattie a birthday cake for her birthday.