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Issue #17

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Classroom News

Hello again!

We are one day away from being halfway done with this school year! (We'd already be there if it hadn't have been for that "snow" day...) It's hard to believe but when I think about how far everyone has come since the beginning of they year I feel so proud of them! We are going to have a great second half of the year as well, with some focus in key academic areas shifting. We will shift towards "reading to learn" instead of "learning to read" as well as focusing on applying skills we have already learned to help us become problem solvers! It will be very exciting.

I apologize in advance that there will not be work coming home in students' Tuesday folders this week. I had to choose between collecting their folders and changing their seats on Friday, and I would have had a mutiny if I had chosen the former!

I have been conducting mid-year assessments this past week and will continue to do so this coming week. The results of these assessments will be shared in your child's report card. Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding your child's progress, I am always happy to meet in person, over the phone, or answer your questions via email.

Some Reminders:

-Please let me know about soccer/hockey/baseball/football games as well as dance recitals, piano recitals, karate/gymnastics practices! I love to watch!

-RAZ-kids reminder: My username is bcolabrese1 and your child's password is their lunch number.

-Please send kiddos with heavy coats, gloves, hats and scarves!! Every little bit of warmth helps!

Lukas' Star of the Week Share time-very cool!

Amelia and Gabriella greeting each other during Morning Meeting

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This was my view all week! I love hearing them read one-on-one!

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Next Week

Next week we get an extra day so we will not let it go to waste! We have a bunch of projects to finish up because the snow day pushed us off track, and I will be doing math assessments in the hallway! There won't be a star of the week (although Lukas will continue his reign for one more day!) and we will celebrate Miriam's 7th birthday on Friday!

Upcoming Events

1/19 No School

1/20 Make-up snow day

1/23 Miriam's birthday!

1/28 Miss Colabrese's birthday!

2/3 Report Cards go home

2/6 PTO Family Movie Night (Free showing of Lego Movie!)

Design 2015: Under Construction!

After our wonderful field trip to Camp Friendship, we are ready to begin our Monthly "Mokie Mondays" to continue the fabulous learning we did there!

In December, we learned about the differences between wild and tame horses, what food horses need in the winter, and we made a special treat for Ms. Miller to take back to Mokie!

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