Cottonwood Creek Cougar Chronicle

December 2019

Our Cougars REALLY know how to ROAR!

Great news from the Rich Morrow Math Competition

Cottonwood students brought home the following prizes:

  • Top School: Overall Competition/All Divisions in District 1st Place
  • Top Student: Overall Competition/All Divisions in District 1st Place: Joshua L
  • Top Scorer in School: Eli F
  • Individual Award by Division: 1st Place in Archimedes Division 3rd Grade: Alice W
  • Individual Award by Division: 1st Place in Archimedes Division 5th Grade: Agastya P
  • Team Round Award: 1st Place in Archimedes Division 3rd Grade: Alice W, Jerry J, Caleb S
  • Team Round Award: 1st Place in Archimedes Division 5th Grade: Agastya P, Joshua L, Eli F

Way to go Team Cottonwood Creek!

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We were off to a great start this school year in our drop off and pick up lane. Now that the weather is getting colder, we feel it is time to send a quick reminder. Please review the map and directions below. These rules/procedures are in place for the safety of our students, staff and community. If you have questions, please contact the front office.
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Cottonwood Creek Advisory Committee (CCAC)

The Cottonwood Creek Advisory Committee is an opportunity to contribute to our school improvement planning efforts. This committee is intended to provide an opportunity for communication and transparency between administration and our community. Attendance is open to all and we welcome your participation and support. This to be an opportunity to address topics of interest and/or concern. During our first CCAC meeting, we reviewed our school's test results from the annual state-wide testing (CMAS).

Our next meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 16th at 5:15pm; we will meet in our innovation space. I hope you can join us.

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Exceptional Volunteer

Thank you for participating in our Exceptional Volunteer Nomination process. We had a wonderful group of volunteers nominated. It is humbling to have such amazing people dedicated to the success of our school.

I'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate Alison Vap, our 2019-20 Exceptional Volunteer of the Year! Here is what some of our staff and community had to say about Alison:

  • Allison, in addition to being one of the co-presidents of the PTCO at Cottonwood, has always volunteered her time, efforts, creativity, and work for the Cottonwood community. She works endlessly to make things better at school for students and teachers, and she has done so for years. Thank you for considering her!
  • Allison’s time, commitment, generosity and thoughtfulness has made a difference for hundreds of students and staff over several years. She has touched the lives of many in an unforgettable way and Cottonwood is a better place because of all she has given and done for our school.
  • For as long as Allison has had kids at Cottonwood, she has always been willing to step up and volunteer, no matter what/where the need. She puts the kids and the COT community first, never pushing her own agenda.
  • Allison is a dedicated volunteer and her reasons are completely to support the students and staff at Cottonwood. She does not try to bring attention to herself and is never self-serving. She’s an amazing volunteer and Cottonwood is lucky to have her. '
  • Allison is devoted, conscientious, and always available for students, staff, and the community. She takes her job at PTCO co-president seriously and puts forth full effort into everything she does at Cottonwood. She has always had a spirit of volunteerism, and that has been clear in her many years working at Cottonwood.
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P.E. Post It

Happy December!

We have been enjoying lots of fun activities in P.E. the last couple months! Students have been practicing their gymnastics skills and also climbing the ropes and rock wall!

Our hockey unit has started with peer help from Zach Goldenberg, a 5th grader here at COT! I am always looking for students to share their love of sports in the classroom.

Coming up soon…

January- Kids Heart Challenge will run from January 9th-February 7th!

Any parents that would like to help out in the mornings during our four week program, please email me

February- Music and PE Dance Unit starts, Sock Hop Dance on February 28th!

Thank you!

Ms. Jehn

News from Digital Media

Digital Media continues to be an exciting specials rotation at Cottonwood Creek Elementary School. Students in all grades have been working on their problem solving skills. 1st-5th graders have been solving digital breakouts (think of an escape room on an ipad) and a few classes have even been able to solve our school’s set of breakout boxes. I hope that 3rd-5th graders will eventually create breakout activities for their peers or reading buddy class. Kindies have been using their problem solving skills to create digital stories of books that they have written. I cannot wait to see what the new year holds for us!

Cafeteria Recycling Program

We are pleased to announce Cottonwood Creek Elementary has launched an upgrade to our cafeteria recycling program this month. At breakfast and lunch, student's milk cartons, water bottles & aluminum drink cans are being collected separately from other meal waste. This program is helping to reduce the school's environmental impact with appropriate material for best practices. Also, it will help the students develop good recycling habits.

We appreciate all of the support from Principal Johnson, Assistant to the Principal Berner, Mr. Martinez, and Ms. Wilkinson which has helped make this program possible and successful.

Bev Robin + Kathy McClintock
Stronger Together
Environmental Committee Greenwood Village

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