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MARCH 18, 2022

Upcoming Events

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Community-Wide Announcements & Reminders

Health Reminder

Symptoms of COVID and seasonal allergies can overlap. When in doubt it is best to take a COVID test.

Sherisse Salter, School Nurse,

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Come see this year’s musical-- Chicago Teen Edition!

  • Here are the performance dates! We’d love to pack the theatre with students, parents, community members, staff, and friends!

    • Friday, 3/18 at 7 PM

    • Saturday 3/20 at 2 PM and 7 PM

  • Tickets are $10 for students/seniors and $12 for adults. Tickets are available at Moulton’s, The Homestead, and the School Store (Scratching Post) starting on Monday 3/14.

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SHS Performing Arts Newsletter

The Performing Arts will be sharing out important information and shout-outs via a Newsletter. Please click here to access and learn more about all the great things going on in the music and theater worlds.

March 23 - Modified Schedules

The School based SAT will be administered to all juniors on Wednesday, March 23. To accommodate for this important day and ensure our juniors have a calm and quiet environment to take the SAT while still providing a valuable experience for the rest of our students we have made the following changes:

  • Schedule for the day: There will be no traditional color (neither Gold nor Black) and each grade level has a different schedule/plan for the day which has been previously communicated to the affected students and teachers.

    • 9th Grade - Freshmen will be on team for the day with team-specific schedules and will be located in the main building for the day.

    • 10th Grade - Sophomores will travel as a cohort organized by their American Lit teacher and will follow a special schedule which will include attending American Lit, American Studies, science and math (where they will take the Scholastic Math Inventory) classes.

    • 11th Grade - Juniors will be taking the SAT in the Annex and will be dismissed after the exam is over.

    • 12th Grade - Seniors will have an off-site senior project day.

Senior Project Reminders

Communication has been sent regarding students who did not complete the most recent checkpoint for senior project. Off-campus privileges have been suspended for those students until the work is complete. Please contact your student’s mentor or the senior project coordinators, Ryan Lemieux and Kathy Maddock if you have any questions.

Wednesday, March 23rd, is SAT for our juniors and is a Senior Project off-site work day for seniors. This is in preparation for the next panel meeting checkpoint on the morning of March 30, and provides an opportunity for seniors to meet with their outside experts, travel to research sites, arrange logistics for their applied pieces, or even get caught up if they are currently behind in their work. We would appreciate your help in supporting your student in their efforts to use this time appropriately. Each student should develop a plan as to what they will be doing on this day and complete the Senior Project Workday Form on the Class of 2022 Google Classroom. Seniors will also be required to show their mentors how they have used their time and what progress they made on their project on this day.

Finding Opportunities to Play

This month the community of Souhegan is focusing on the habits of play and creativity and the disposition of courage as we continue to cultivate our collective resilience. Creativity and play unlock inner resources for dealing with stress, solving problems, and enjoying life. When we are creative, we are resourceful, and we problem-solve in new and original ways, which fuels our courage. Adults need time to play too! In the book staff is currently reading parts of, Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators, author Elena Aguilar writes, “With all these benefits, play is like an essential multivitamin that we should be taking daily.When we’re playing, we’re creating new imaginative cognitive combinations. Our brain gets to try out new things without threatening our physical or emotional well-being. When the risks are small and fun is present, we more readily learn new skills.”

Project Graduation

Project Graduation is planned for Friday June 3rd, 2022 beginning at 9:30 p.m and ending at midnight! The committee has begun initial planning but we need volunteers--particularly Sophomore and Freshman parents so you can learn how to host for your students!

The next meeting is Wednesday, March 30th at 7 p.m. Click here for the Zoom link.

[Meeting ID: 873 4415 0564 Passcode: X8D5Gj]

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lisa Eastland at;; or

PTSA Fundraiser

Dining for Dollars

Grab lunch or an early dinner at The Homestead on Saturday, March 26th from 12:00-4:00pm! Just mention the PTSA fundraiser when you order, and a portion of the sale we donated back to the PTSA.

Dine-in or take-out at Panera on Thursday, March 31st from 4:00-8:00pm! Location: 590 Amherst St., Nashua. Use the code PRFUND, or bring the flyer to the cafe (you can also show a digital copy of it). A portion of the sale will be donated back to PTSA!

Stay tuned for next week's Newsletter for an exciting opportunity to win a Memory Quilt!!!

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The SAT with Essay, which covers reading, writing and mathematics, is required for every 11th grade student in New Hampshire and the school-wide testing date is March 23, 2022 with extended time for those who qualify on March 24. Here are some important reminders for the day:

  • Breakfast will be provided for juniors taking the test in the Cafeteria at 8:00am on 3/23

  • Students should arrive to assigned rooms between 8:20-8:30am

  • Things to bring with you:

    • Fully-charged laptop and charger

    • You can bring a mouse for your laptop if you would like

    • A snack and water to have during break time

  • Items not allowed in the testing space or on breaks (these will be collected prior to the start of the test):

    • Cell phones

    • Other electronic devices such as smartwatches, earbuds, etc.

  • A bagged lunch will be provided for students during the 20 minute in classroom break

  • Testing will begin promptly at 8:30am and students will not be permitted to enter once testing begins

  • Testing will end around 1:00pm

  • Students will be dismissed after testing (no classes)

To help students prepare for this important day, we have helped them set up Khan Academy accounts for SAT prep and practice, offered free SAT prep courses, completed a pre-administration session to streamline test day, offered weekly tips in Saber Spotlight, and created a special schedule for the 23rd to allow them to focus on the test without distractions. Please review these helpful test-day tips with your students:

  • Read questions and passages fully

  • Reading passages include all the information needed to answer the questions.

  • Don’t jump from passage to passage - stay with a passage and answer each question

  • If you want to skip a question, use the “mark for review” tool to easily go back if you have time

  • All questions are worth 1 point. Answer ALL questions - You don’t lose points for guessing wrong.

  • You don’t have to memorize math formulas. Commonly used formulas are available.

  • With some math problems, it may be useful to draw a sketch or diagram

  • Use the scratch paper or online notepad.

  • If you don’t know the correct answer, eliminate some of the choices by using the “strikethrough” tool.

  • The SAT essay will ask you to: read a passage; explain how the author builds an argument to persuade an audience; support your explanation with evidence from the passage.

Finally, students are encouraged to get a good night’s sleep and allow for plenty of time to arrive and get settled at school.


Spring Sports Registration is open.

Spring Sports Registration is open. Please visit PowerSchool Forms to sign up. Tryouts begin 3/21/22 for most sports. Boys Volleyball begins 3/28/22.

Reminder -spring sports start Monday! If your student-athlete is not registered by 2pm on Monday 3/21 and/or does not have an ImPact Baseline on file with the athletic trainer, they will not be able to participate in practices or tryouts until both of those steps are completed. Please contact Kelli Braley with any questions.

Saber Spotlight

Click here to see this week’s Saber Spotlight Presentation.