Ukraine Revolution

everything you need to know.

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How did this start

After the Ukraine government rejected an offer to be apart of the European Union in November of 2013, People were outraged in the fact that the integration with Europe was abandoned so abruptly. this led to the occupation of independence Square in Kiev to protest this decision. these peaceful protests were rudely stopped by riot police where innocent civilians were beaten and arrested, this only made the protests grow in number and spread at an alarming rate.

As these protests became more frequent and aggressive, the protests became more about removing a president who sought after his own interests, rather than protesting the bill.

What has happened so far?

Riots had stopped after the Ukraine government had agreed to open negotiations to the people of the Ukraine, but president Viktor Yanukovych had closed these negotiations almost a week after they had opened, this had caused the riots not to only reemerge but to intensify leading to the burning of Kiev.

As time passed the Ukraine Government was eventually removed from power. These events had lead to Russia's attempt to gain control of the Ukraine peninsula "Crimea". although multiple countries had forbidden Russia to continue their conquest to annex Crimea, Russia continued their campaign for control over the peninsula and had later gain control over the area.

how is this impacting the Ukraine

This civil war had escalated very quickly, this lead to the burning to an entire city and thousands of people left homeless. Also with the Ukraine government now removed from office leaves the population of the Ukraine without a government.

how does this effect us

Due to laws with the U.N. the United States could not directly interfere with the revolution that is taking place in the Ukraine. Also with Russia's attempt to annex Crimea, this may lead to an exception where the united states and her allies can intervene with the current situation unfolding in the Country.

how is this going to turn out

since I have started researching this topic many things had changed, from the Ukraine president fleeing the country to Russian troops threatening the civilians and soldiers of the Ukraine.

I cant say for certain how this conflict will turn out but I can say that it probably going to end up with the united states intervening with the situations and the Ukraine continuing to further strengthen their ties with the European Union and the western countries.

personal impact

After hearing that the riots had broken out in Kiev my first thought was a family friend of mine, Him and his family live in the Ukraine although I don't know exactly where, I do know that they had asked my family if we could get him and his family out of the country before things escalate to much. But we were unsuccessful in helping them out of the country.
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