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March 11, 2022

Hi Crissman Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. March is Reading Month is kicking off strong! This week we announced our Bookmark Winners! PTA and I would like to thank everyone that participated and put forth so much creativity and effort! The results were amazing!

Congratulations to Evie J. in 5th grade and Marissa K in 2nd grade!

Today our Crissman Cougars visited the Book Cart to choose a free book! A big thank you to our PTA for purchasing all the books and to Ms. Manzella for helping distribute them throughout each classroom!

NWEA testing has wrapped up here at Crissman. Please look for the NWEA Parent Report in your email inbox today.

Yours Truly,

~Mrs. Papastamatis


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The UCS Wellness team is happy to announce the fourth episode of the podcast series will be released on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. The topic is CARE of Southeastern Michigan and the services they offer to the community. The team worked with community members to create a podcast regarding different areas of physical, mental, and social health for UCS staff, students and families.

The podcasts are available on the UCS Wellness page: UCS Wellness - Utica Community Schools (

Below is a list of the podcasts released and the upcoming schedule.

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6th Grade News

Hi 6th grade parents, I am working on finalizing Graduation Day for our 6th grade students. And, with the lifted restrictions, our traditional graduation will be in the gymnasium with parents invited to attend! Date and time will be sent out on Friday, March 11th.

7th grade Immunization Info:

The Macomb County Health Department (MCHD) School Immunization Program has an important message for you and the parents of future 7th graders to prepare them for the 2022-2023 academic school year.

The attached supportive material includes:

  • How to Obtain a Non-Medical Waiver
  • School Parent Resources
  • MCHD Immunization Clinic Hours & Locations

These documents and more information are available at the Macomb County Health Department/Programs/Disease Control/School Immunization Program website.

Registration now open 2022-23 kindergarten students

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Parking Lot Safety

I wanted to review the parking lot procedures for our school. I know that many of you may already know these procedures; however, it is always a great reminder for our families.

1) Use the student drop off zone located to the left of the parking lot entrance from 9:10-9:20am. Please do not enter the bus loop during this time as it’s unsafe and causes additional congestion in the parking lot.

2) Student Drop-Off Lane: Move all the way to the back of this area (near the dumpsters/playground) and pull up next to the orange traffic cones. Once you arrive at the orange cones, please have your child exit the vehicle quickly and do not linger so that the next car may proceed in a timely manner. Please do not enter the area past the cones as this is a designated student pathway during this time. When your child has exited the car, please continue the “loop” around the end of the lot (in front of the dumpster/playground) and exit to Wolf Drive.

3) Parking in the Subdivision- Please do not park on the street where you see signs that say “No parking, Stopping, or Standing”. If you can read the sign when you are parking, do not park there OR if you are between the two signs, do not park there. Double Parking- Please do not park on both sides of the street. Our buses need to get through. The Shelby Township Police can give you a ticket.

4) Handicap Parking Spots- Our handicap parking spots are reserved for anyone with a Valid Handicap Parking Permit. Please do not use these spots to drop-off/pick-up your child(ren).

Thank you so much for your patience and support!

As always, if you arrive past 9:20 am, please accompany your child to the office and sign them in.

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Mark your Calendars for Crissman PTA fun!

March 15 - Family Skate Night 6-8pm

March 30 - Virtual PTA Meeting 8pm

May 2 - 6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 13 - Chuck E. Cheese Night

May 19 - Family Skate Night THE BIG ONE!!

June 3 - Spring Fair

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The mission of Crissman Elementary School, in partnership with parents and the community, is to provide a safe, positive and productive learning environment that fosters academic excellence and recognizes individual uniqueness. We will strive to prepare students for their future in an ever changing world.