Wonderful Amoeba's

There all around you

Amoeba's are all around us

Amoebas are in your water. They are mostly in rivers, ponds, and streams. There are six types of amoebas found in the human body. Some amoebas eat away peoples brains they are called naeglelia fowleri.

what are Amoebas

Amoebas are single celled organisms. They consist of a necleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, puesdopod, food vacoule, and contractile vacoule. The ameoba is part of the Protista kingdom. Ameoba means change in greek which fits its free moving form.

What can happen to you

Obay signs that warm you of infected water

Interesting facts about ameobas

The liquid form of m amoeba is called plasmasol while the solid state is called plasmagel. Amoebascan turn into a star shape when started. Amoebas can come together to form a big blod called slime mold.