Bill of Rights

By Jalan Williams

First Amendment

Bill 1:Freedom of speech,press and freedom

What it means:It mean you can fellow any religion but you can choose and the government can stop you.

Second Amendment

Bill 2:The Right to Bear Arms

What it means:It means citizens can be soldiers and protect themselves but carrying a gun.

Court case:bliss v commonwealth In 1822 case bliss v commonwealth was first major court ruling over the right to keep and bear arms for personal use.

Third Amendment

Bill 3:The Right of Privacy in the home

What it means:It means no soldiers can barge in a citizens home and live and eat food with out your demand

Fourth Amendment

Bill 4: Unreasonable search

What it means:It means police have to have a search warrant with out a good reason to search your house

Fifth Amendment

Bill 5:self incriminate and due process of law

What is means: it means a ground jury have to decide if there is it enough evidence to charge you

Court case:brown v Ohio in 1977 brown v Ohio was the defendant trial for burglary,s