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Some things work in the student job search – and some don't. LinkedIn recruitment staffer Andrew Kung was in your shoes last year and now he's here to help you sort out what will get you a job – and what will just waste your time.

4 Better Ways to Answer "Why Do You Want to Work at This Company?"

When you’re preparing for an interview, there are a few questions that you absolutely must know how to answer—not just because they’re common, but because they’ll help you figure out the big picture points you want to leave with the interviewer. So, how do you approach this super-common interview question without leaning on your resume and without sounding like every other candidate?

Start with these four tips:

1. Acknowledge the Company's Uniqueness

The key to answering this question is being specific. Your answer should be unique to each place you interview with—no general statements about “working with talented people” or “global impact.”

2. Go Back to the Beginning

One way to do this is to share the evolution of the company you’re applying for. Talk about how you’ve watched it grow, change, and adapt with interest. Being able to comment insightfully about a brand’s history is certainly a good way to show that your interest in it didn’t develop overnight.

3. Think Ahead

Being able to talk about what areas of the company you think have opportunities for growth and showing your excitement about contributing to that growth is an excellent way to approach this question. This forward thinking shows that not only are you invested enough to think thoughtfully about the future of the company, you have some ideas about how to continue driving its continued success.

4. Offer a Personal Touch

Talk about a personal interaction with the people of the company and how they’ve made you feel welcomed or how you’re excited to see such enthusiasm in the team members you’ve spoken with so far. If all else fails, always bring it back to the people.

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3 Simple Changes That Will Help You Land More Networking Meetings

It can be intimidating to reach out to a new connection for the first time. First impressions are vital, so you don't want to come across as too pushy or too passive. Use these tips to introduce yourself and arrange a meeting.

1. Be Literal About Time

If you ask someone if she has “some time” to talk or if you could meet up with him “sometime,” you’re setting yourself up to fail. If you get specific about how much time you’re actually asking for, you’ll greatly increase your chances of the other person saying “yes.”

2. Show, Don’t Tell

Even if you only ask to speak for 10 minutes, you won’t look like you actually grasp the other person’s time constraints if your intro email is four pages long. Compose your email as a draft or rehearse what you plan to say before you make a call. Check for brevity, relevance, and courteousness.

3. Know the Rules of Name-Dropping

Using someone’s name to open your email is like having your mutual connection personally walk you up to your new contact: It’s huge. However, there are a few rules you must follow. First, be absolutely certain that your mutual contact is OK with you using their name. Don't act like knowing someone influential makes you a big deal. While discussing your mutual contact can be a great conversation starter, if you come off like you think knowing this person makes you particularly important, you could easily turn off your new contact.

To read more about these tips visit this website.

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