Stress Less

By Daisy Mascote


I dedicate this book to myself. The reason why is because being stress free is important for many reason like you will not end up getting depressed. My long term goal that i have for myself is that i will do my homework during class time so i wont me stressed out at home trying to finish it. My favorite quote is " The Greatest Pleasure In Life Is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do"

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Stressors

Chapter 2 Take care of myself

Chapter 3 Learn to relax

Chapter 4 Change my attitude

Chapter 5 Manage my time

Chapter 6 Laughter

Chapter 1: Stressors

5 Things That Make Me The Most Stressed Out Are :
  • Homework
  • Tests
  • School
  • Studying
  • Taking care of a baby

Chapter 2: Take Care Of Myself

Two of my favorite exercises are playing volleyball, and soccer. The funniest /favorite dream that i had was this week on Monday i had dreamed that it was Friday and i did not have to go to school so when i woke up i was so mad because i thought it was the weekend. My favorite meal is a torta de milanesa de pollo and a horchata. My favorite healthy meal is a chicken salad.

Chapter 3: Learn To Relax

15 Things That I Can Do To Positively To Release Stress Are:

  1. Sleep
  2. Do not over think it
  3. Relax
  4. Plan your time wisely
  5. Do not rush
  6. Plan ahead
  7. Work hard during class
  8. Take your mind off things
  9. Play sports
  10. Do something you like
  11. Hang out with friends
  12. Go on vacation
  13. Go somewhere that makes you happy
  14. Think positively
  15. Get away from everything that makes you stressed

Chapter 4: Change Your Attitude

Five Things I Like About Myself Is:

  • One thing i like about myself is my personality
  • Another Thing is i like how i am nice to people
  • I also like the fact that i am outgoing and loud when i am comfortable with you
  • I like that i can keep the conversation going if i know you well
  • Lastly i like i like how i am caring to those who i love

Chapter 5: Manage Your Time

Five Ways That I Can Manage My Time Are:

  • Schedule days
  • Plan calendar dates
  • Make a planer on my phone
  • Have an alert on my phone for special dates
  • Have a timer for school days

Chapter 6: Laughter

Five Things That Make Me Laugh Are:

  1. When someone falls
  2. YouTube(Shane Dawson)
  3. When i scare someone or when someone gets scared
  4. Ridiculousness
  5. Cheesy Jokes