Movimento Optico

Sculpture Project Rubric

Student Name:_______________


Step 1: Research (25)

  • Name of Artist (1):
  • Short Biography (4):
  • Images (2):
  • Description of artist's modus operandi (5):
  • Description of artist's use of materials (3):
  • Personal Reflection (5):
  • Presentation (5):

Step 2: Planning (20)

Intention / Proposal (20):
  • The student has clearly explained the ideas for their sculpture.
  • It is evident that the element of movement has been thought about, and fully investigated.
  • the student has discussed the elements of art that they plan to use and what impact it would have on their artworks.
  • All artistic choices were motivated and justified.

Step 3: Source Materials (10)

  • Variety of sources represented
  • Artistic value of sources are clear
  • Inspirations for the artwork are evident in the planning process

Step 4: Sketching (40)

  1. Two pages sketches of representing techniques to sculpt with paper (folding, twisting, bending etc)
  2. Two full page sketches representing two final ideas for sculptures:

Assessment of drawings:

  • Full page
  • Use of drawing equipment
  • Accuracy of paper shapes
  • Drawing techniques represent movement

Step 5: Reflection (15)

A full page reflection of the process of creating the sculpture.
  • Detailed description of the process of creating the sculpture
  • Lessons learned

Overall Presentation (30)

  • Originality and creativity
  • Neatness
  • Completeness
  • Students' own personal style represented in the presentation of the diary.

Total Visual Diary Grade (140):


  • The element of MOVEMENT was clearly and effectively represented in the sculpture (20)
  • Elements of art have been carefully considered and incorporated in the artwork (6)
  • The initial theme and idea has been followed through and effectively captured in the artwork (6)
  • Overall execution and presentation (6)
  • Originality and creativity of artwork (6)
  • Durability of sculpture (6)