Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

February 25, 2016

Mission Statement

We, the SHIELDS CAPtains, will participate in advanced learning, continuously grow, and move on to the next grade level, by being responsible, doing our best, working together, and learning from our mistakes.

What's Happening??

  • 2/26 > PBS Luau

  • 3/1 > Evening Conferences

  • 3/4 > NO SCHOOL

Did you hear the news? 6th Grade CAP!!

The article below was published in Delmarva Now and talks about the NEW 6th grade CAP program that will begin next year at Beacon and Milton Middle School. Current CAP students will be invited to join the program next year. A new teacher will be hired to continue the work that has been started in the elementary levels. The program will be aligned so students continue their novel studies, accelerated math programs, problem-based learning opportunities, and other enrichment opportunities. This is very exciting news for my 5th graders who will be staying in the Cape District as they will continue to be challenged appropriately. I do not really know more than what the article shares at this time, but will keep you informed as I learn more!

Working wth Kindergarten

On Friday, we are celebrating our annual PBS Luau. This is a school wide event to celebrate students' success with following our new school rules of being READY TO LEARN, READY TO TRY, READY TO ACCEPT HELP, READY TO CARE, AND READY TO LEAD.

The Kindergarten teachers have asked if CAP students would come teach their students about Hawaii. So on Friday, our class will be visiting all the Kindergarten rooms to complete an interactive book with them. We also have leis to share! I don't know who is more excited about this event, the CAP students or the Kindergarteners!

In our class, students will be "visiting" Hawaii through text and videos. They will be completing an online course in Schoology to learn about Hawaii and show what they've learned. Their final activity will be to write a response about if they would or would not like to visit Hawaii and why or why not. Of course text evidence is a must!

Trying Again!

I must apologize for a few mistakes I made this week.
  1. The qr code on the homework for the area model song was incorrect. I shared the correct link in Schoology.
  2. The spelling word should be "decathlon." This was also posted on Schoology and we talked about it in class so all students were made aware of my mistake on Tuesday.
  3. When revising a rubric in Schoology, it was showing that students only received 1 or 2 out of 6 points. The old rubric was only worth 2 points so the students did just fine, but when it switched to 1 or 2 out of 6 it made it look like the students did very poorly. My mistake! I'm sorry for causing concern for some of the students (and you!). I have since fixed this so all should be well!

Thanks for allowing me to try again!

President Biography Bottles

I was very impressed with all the President Biography Bottles! They were AMAZING! I felt they were way to good to just be shared with our class so they are now on display in the office and some in the glass cabinet in the foyer. Check them out the next time you are in school!

We are hoping to put them on display at the Lewes Library too!

Big image

Constructed Responses

This week, the students had a mini-lesson on expectations for constructed responses. For some, it has been quite the challenge to respond with thorough answers that include text evidence. In CAP, students are expected to write in complete sentences with information from the text as well as their own knowledge combined to create a thorough answer. You can see the rubric used to grade these responses on Schoology.

I try to leave frequent feedback to celebrate what students are doing well and let them know areas they can improve. This week we looked at a question from an earlier comprehension quiz and then at students responses (no student names were displayed). Students scored the responses using the rubric. They offered some very constructive critique! My goal is they will apply this critique to their own work!

To support this at home when you are reviewing any written work please encourage them to be using text evidence in their reading responses. I will be providing additional practice for this skill in future homework!

Schoology and Grades

Thank you to all the parents who are checking Schoology! I appreciate your support as the district implements this learning management software. The students and I are enjoying the platform and I look forward to creating a more personalized learning environment as I get better at using it.

Just a couple notes:

  • I post updates in the CAP GROUP so if something comes up (like my mistakes) I try to post asap so students get the information. I remind the students to check Schoology often and they do this first thing when they enter class to make sure they are on top of items. You can also remind them to check Schoology from home.
  • Some assignments are graded in Schoology, but will not be included in eSchool which is the program used for report cards.
  • Assignments in Schoology that are graded by a "completion rubric" will never be included in eSchool as this is more of a formative assessment where I'm looking for completion and understanding of content so I know where we need to go next with instruction. So even though a 1 out of 2 is a 50% it would never be recorded in the actual gradebook!

NEW!! Spelling Homework NEW!!

You may have noticed that spelling words are different this week. For the next few weeks, we will be studying Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes. The goal is for students to use what they learn about prefixes and suffixes to define words they may not know. Knowing these parts of words is a common core standard for 4th and 5th graders.

Students will need to know how to spell and the meaning of the prefix/suffix of the week as well as the example words that use the prefix. Each week students can earn five bonus points for finding their own word that includes the prefix/suffix.

Classroom Needs

It seems we have a pencil stealing ghost! It seems that every time I replenish the stock, they are gone by the following week. If you can donate any pencils that would be great!

There are open slots for Volunteers for the remainder of the year. Please consider helping!

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