Recess Remains Royal and Wrong

We need recess!!! It makes us smarter!!!


Did you know that recess time is not for the school to decide? It is not, it is left to the school corporation to decide. Also, prisoners get more time outside than most kids in school. Therefore, we need more recess. Recess is a necessity.

Prisoners: 2 hours a day.

Us: 20 minutes a day.

Recess has ALOT of benifits

Recess... Builds up our immune system,provides exercise, helps with creativity and imagination, promotes problem solving and social skills, provides vitamin D, reduces stress, and improves vision. LET KIDS HAVE MORE RECESS.

Do something!!!

According to The State of Play, 2009 survey, about two thirds of principals report taking away recess as punishment for behavior, or work to catch up on, that is not fair if you were sick. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! Hopefully.


Most school districts are trying to cut recess out of kids' days at school.


Some teachers think that if you keep students working longer, they will learn more, it is not true.

Crucial to leaning

When you are a child, you need to play, what recess does for kids is it helps them learn, therefore, it is crucial to their learning. Recess also gives them a mental break, time to play, and get all of the tension off, maybe from tests.

Just give us an extra break

Kids with extra recess breaks were more sucessful.

Can I have one?

Brains before and after being outside.(recess)

Look at your brain


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