The American System

By Maddy Rinkus


  • To strengthen and unify the nation


> Nationalism

- patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts

> Sectionalism

- loyalty to the interests of ones own region or section of the country , rather than to the country as a whole

* dangers: split the country into North, South, and West sections which caused political issues and tariffs on the different sections

Key Components

  • Support high tariffs to protect American industries and generate more income for the government
  • Maintain high public land prices to generate more money for the government
  • Preserve the National Bank to set a common currency and to be higher than the state and local banks
  • Develop roads, canals, and other ways to connect the nation

Henry Clay

  • Leader of the Whig party (formed in opposition of the federalist party)
  • Created/Imaged the idea of the American System and put it into action
  • was considered the "Architect of the American System"
  • War Hawk - believed war with Great Britain was necessary
  • Disapproved the slave system even though he was a slave owner
  • "Great Compromiser" because of the three major sectional compromises that were formed: Missouri Compromise of 1820, Tariff Compromise of 1833, and the Compromise of 1850
  • After his death, the Whig party disappeared