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Home of the Mountain Lion Cubs (May 6, 2021)

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Please take time to thank the educators in your child's life for all that they do!

National Children's Mental Health Awareness

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is on May 7, 2021. It is a day for everyone to learn about and promote positive youth development, resilience, recovery, and the transformation of mental health services delivery for children and youth their families. For more information visit the links below.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hola! Students in the 3 day and 5 day classrooms celebrated Cinco de Mayo day on May 5th. As the principal, I loved watching students have so much fun learning about different cultures in their classrooms. Students taste tested different foods like tortilla chips, salsa, quesadillas, avocados, and churros. Students made their own maracas and listened to Mariachi music. They read Cinco de Mayo stories and also played fine motor and gross motor games during their classroom fiestas!

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Students in Mrs. Bonin's room are studying caterpillars and the life cycle of a butterfly. Students recorded their observations in a science journal.

Insects and Bugs

Mrs. Lill's students are studying bugs and insects. Students sculpted their own clay bug and insect masterpieces.

Name Recognition

Students in Mrs. Schwartz' classes colored and assembled fun flower pots for spring. Students glued letters of their name in order on a flower pot to practice and improve letter and name identification skills.
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PATHS Lessons

PATHS is our pre-school's social and emotional learning curriculum. Mrs. Bonin is our program's rotating PATHS instructor. This week, students learned about the feeling: excitement.
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Down on the Farm

5 day students are learning about the farm this week. Thank you to Miss Pounder's students for making this beautiful 3D hallway mural.
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On the Farm

What is your favorite farm animal? Our preschoolers dressed up like farm animals, sequenced animal puzzles to reveal a surprises farm animal, and read all about various farm animals.

Washing Dirty Pigs

Using left and right brush strokes, students improved their fine motor skills. They studied pigs in their natural muddy environments and then washed them clean by painting them with shaving cream.

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Our preschoolers are studying chicks. Students in the 5 day classrooms identified and sequenced body parts of a baby chick. Students in Miss Woodring's class discussed baby chicks and learned the life stages of a baby chick before it hatches.

Virtual Measurement Lesson

Virtual students investigated heavy and light measurements with balloons. Students learned that larger items are not always heavier. During this lesson, the larger balloon with air was lighter than the smaller balloon filled with water. Virtual students watched Mrs. Hoover use a balance scale to measure objects. Virtual students repeated the same experiment at home to explore heavy and light objects.

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Can you guess how much we weigh?

In math, our prek students are learning how to measure in weight. Students in the full day class compared heavy and light objects. They learned how to use a scale and measure their own weight.
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Students in Miss Grove's classroom investigated worms as a part of their Spring Unit. They compared how short and long their worms were and observed how they move.

Operation Our Town

Operation Our Town is hosting a fun day at DelGrosso's Park on Thursday, August 5th. Parents can present this coupon on their mobile device or print it out and bring it to the park with them to receive a discounted rate. (Delgrosso's Park will donate $3.00 back to Operation Our Town for every coupon that is used on this day.) Please support this amazing community event.

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Save the Date:

*Tuesday, May 11- There is no school for LEX students because of IEP day.

*Wednesday, May 12- School Nurse's Day! Thank a special nurse in you or your child's life.

LEX is currently enrolling preschool children ages 3-5 years old that reside in the Altoona Area School District. If you know someone that may benefit from our early intervention program, please have them contact 814-946-8465 to request an evaluation or to inquire about our preschool program and/or our early intervention services.