Raymond's Run Flyer

By: Toni Bambara - Created by: Erin Hennig


Raymond's Run is about a fast girl, named Squeaky. Squeaky has a younger brother, named Raymond. Squeaky always runs the fifty-yard dash. Every year she wins. But, will she win this time around? Will she become friends with her enemy, Cynthia Procter? This book shows loyalty and compassion.

Toni Bambara

Toni Bambara is an Afircan-American author from New York. Toni Bambara wrote multiple books. She was also a documenterary-film maker, a political activist, and an educator. She wrote multiple screen-plays, wrote a lot of fiction books, and some acadimac and anthologie books. She was dagnosed with Colon Cancer in 1993 and died of it in 1995 at age fifty-six.