Culture Project

By: Lauryn Peterson

Essential Questions

What makes up a society's culture?

I think what makes up a society's culture is what we believe in, language you speak, what you wear, what you eat, etc.

Why is it important to know how others live throughout the world?

It is important because we need to know what other cultures besides ours do to survive. If they live in houses, apartments, or under a bridge. What they eat. Rice and beans, tacos, and even frog legs.

Why is it important to understand and respect others beliefs?

It is important to respect others beliefs because you wouldn't what someone else to make fun of your religion. It is important to understand because when you grow up you will meet new people from different races. You need to know how to speak to them and to respect what they think.

Learning Goal One

Ancient Egypt

  • Education - Schools were ran by priests or scribes. Boys and girls in wealthy families went to school.
  • Language - They spoke Arabic which replaced Coptic.
  • Economies - They used pieces of gold and metal to trade and buy.
  • Religions - The people barred Kings and Queens in their pyramids and gave them food, metals, and furniture because they thought if they had all this stuff they would have a happy afterlife.
  • Settlement Patterns - they built along the Nile Rive which gave them access to trade. It also gave them water for crops, bathing, drinking, etc.
  • Political System - The Pharaoh was at the top of the Castle System and Priests had a big role to.

Learning Goal Two

  • Family - The head of a Roman Family was the father , the mother cared for the children and home schooled them.
  • Government - They made the laws that protected everyone inside the city.
  • Schools- Children in Rome were usually home schooled by the mothers.
  • Religious Institutions - The people helped them believe in god and Christianity.
  • Businesses - People who ran the stores and carts gave other people food, clothes, tools and other everyday items.

Learning Goal Seven

Japan: Art

It all began when people started performing Shinto Dances at religious shrines. The Actors developed a special type of drama called Noh in the 1300"s. In the 1600's another style developed called Kabuki. The Japanese poets wrote about the sadness of rejected love or the beauty of nature. The art of flower arranging was another tradition the Japanese did. They also tried to highlight the natural beauty of the flowers. The gardens had rocks and pathways with very few flowers and trees. The people of Japan also painted flowers with brushes and ink on paper. Gardening, flower arranging, and painting still remain important as forms of art in Japan

Learning Goal Eight


The Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs were different in many ways but also the same. They were all from the southern part of North America, and all had a way of keeping track of things. All three cities were very good at building and using what they had. They all grew corn and other types of plants. But they had many differences like the Inventions they made. The Mayas came up with the Math System and the calendar. The Incas came up with ways to cure illnesses, and the Aztecs came up with books and two calendars. These were some ways the three different cultures are the same and different.

Learning Goal Nine

The Crusades

The Crusades were battles fought by the Christians and the Muslims. The cause of the Crusades was the control of the Holy Land, Jerusalem. The first Crusade was in 1096, Saladin's Rise to Power ( Second Crusade )was in 1187, the Third Crusade was in 1189 - 1192, and the Fourth Crusade was in 1202 - 1204.