Move to the New England Colonies!!!

The BEST place in the all the land!!!

Geography of The New England Colonies

Our colonies consist of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and some of New York. The soil may be rocky BUT we are still able to grow wonderful veggies like corn, pumpkin, and squash which we learned from friendly natives. Also, if you love nature and hunting, our forests are for you. Our forests are teeming with riches coming in the forms of animals and lumber from the trees!

Economy of the Colonies

The economy of the New England Colonies is very rich. You can farm or fish or whale. Not only that but you can be a lumberjack, fur seller, sell iron, or even sell rum. You can do anything here. Wow!
Farming is one of the many jobs available to you in the New England Colonies.

Political System

The government is set up where the settlers voted on many different issues. Town meetings allow our settlers to speak what they think. In some areas, colonists elect a governor to make laws for them. Overall, we think the way we do things is very fair and good.
Colonists speaking about government.


Our colonies may have slavery BUT our slaves have more rights than other slaves. We also give them a contract so after they have worked for a couple of years, they are free to do as they choose and live a regular live in the New England Colonies.

Schools and Kids

Schools in the colony are plentiful but have only one room. Children each bring a piece of wood to heat the room. The children are taught to read so they can read the Bible, boys are also taught grammer, math, and some different languages such as latin. Girls were taught mainly to read and how to do household chores like needlework.
A poorly lit school house.


We are very religious people. Christianity is overall very important to us. If you are looking for religious tolerance, settling in Rhode Island is probably best.
The location of Rhode Island.