Capitol Hill Third Grade Update

Room 1524 - Mrs. Simmer..... December 19, 2015

UFP Convention and the Puppet Show and Poetry Reading - Out of this world!

What "STARS" we have in room 1524!

Third graders have had a busy time the past few weeks preparing for and performing in our UFP Convention and the Poetry Reading.

You can still attend our Puppet Performance on Tuesday, December 22nd at 1:30pm.

A special thank you to our third grade families for supporting your students so much this year with the extra work you did at home to make the planet project such a success. Capitol Hill third grade does require a lot of project work at home. Make sure you tell me if that is not working for you. We can make time to get things done at school as well. If there is "too much" homework, or you have thoughts on our activities, please send me a note or call. I am always ready for adjustments when needed. Have a wonderful winter break!!

Military Personnel Responses

We received three responses back from the military personnel we supported during the "Ship, Shop, and Share" program. Thank you so much for donating the items. The recipients especially appreciated the letters and drawings from the kids. I am attempting to attach all the letters for you to read at your leisure. The Smore email program will not allow me to attach the letters so I added them as photos. Hopefully you can read them. I will send a separate email using the SPPS campus email and offer students a copy to take home if they wish.