Let's Get Summer-Ready!

It's Tropical Time...

C13 Highlights

Foot Works: Save, Save, SAVE on all specials in C13!

For your Weekend and Summer Excursions: Enjoy the Summer '16 Signature Collection!

For that Special Man in your Life: Treat him to our Scented Collection body wash 2 for $5

Time to Relax! With our Bubble Bath Special 2 for $9

Hot Apple Pie: You know how when you go through the drive thru at a fast food restaurant after you tell them your order they ask if you would like to add a "hot apple pie" to your order??? Well that is what we do with the item on the back cover of each book! Ask each customer how many Glimmersticks would they like to add to their C13 order! Glimmersticks!!!! Everyone's Favorite offered at our Lowest Price Ever, for only $2.99 each

Campaign 11 Achievers!!!

Great Job in C11 District 1575!!!

Top 10 Sellers in District 1575 for C11

1. Bonnie Card with $2,047 in sales

2. Rosalinda Villegas $1,376 in sales

3. Aisha Alnizarr $1,192 in sales

4. Luz Crayton $829 in sales

5. Martha Blanton $784 in sales

6. Wendi Hyde $737 in sales

7. Cindy Atcheson $695 in sales

8. Tammy Ellis $679 in sales

9. Kim Kammerdiener $612 in sales

10. Sandra Newsome with $607 in sales

C11 Recognition

Fast Start Bonus

Wendi Hyde $150 in in C11 3rd Campaign in a ROW!!! Wendi is on fire!!

C4-C6 103th Recruiting Challenge

Wendi Hyde $100 Bonus

C5-C8 130th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Serita Colbert won a cosmetic case

Jacqueline Myers won a cosmetic case

Jane Sanders won a cosmetic case

Jan Singletary won a cosmetic case

Joy Turner won a cosmetic case

Title Advancement

Wendi Hyde - Gold Ambassador in C10

Welcome our 40% Earners on their First 4 orders $100+ Order

Krystal Greenland* 1st Campaign

Janice Ayers- 2nd Campaign

Michael Johnson-4th Campaign

Ashley Lilly-4th Campaign

40% Earnings on 5th through 8th Order $200+ Order

Kendra Whitener-8th Campaign

President's Recognition Program Sales Increase in C11

Bonnie Card

Tammy Ellis

Sandra Watts

Sandy Wilkins

President's Club Recognition Program Contenders in C11

Aisha Alnizarr

Linda Anderson

Martha Blanton

Cherlyn Cooper

Wendi Hyde

Erica Jones

Kim Kammerdiener

Maria Larkin

Abosede Shobande

Tamberlyn Tanner

Avon Anniversaries and Birthdays

May Avon Anniversaries

Sandra Watts 27 Years

Bonnie Brown 16 Years

Jacqueline Myers 13 Years

Lisa Manning 12 Years

Kimberly Stradford 8 Years

Abby Lockett 8 Years

Michelle Camp 8 Years

Rosalina Castro 7 Years

Sharon Green 6 Years

Patricia Kennebrew 6 Years

Venita Alge 6 Years

Debra Sims 4 Years

Dorothy Huiel 4 Years

Deborah Gowder 4 Years

Gertude Okafor 4 Years

Toni Hargrave 2 Years

Yvonne Sorrell 2 Years

Delores Grissom 2 Years

Natasha West 1 Year

Marie Roberts 1 Year

Maria Cruz-Hampton 1 Year

Jackie Moen 1 Year

THANK YOU for Your Service!

May Birthdays, Happy Birthday to...

J Hendricks May 2nd

Concetta Sellers May 2nd

Sharee Almeida May 2nd

Holly Moon May 3rd

Barbara Hyle May 3rd

Lourdes Fontanes May 4th

Cathrine Hamilton May 5th

Abby Ladeloye May 5th

Natasha West May 6th

Josephine Person May 8th

Kathy Drew May 8th

Delores Grissom May 8th

Maris Osagiede May 10th

Sandra Lloyd May 10th

Mildred Stephens May 10th

Tanya Clark May 10th

Kadiatu Seasay May 10th

Sandra Sharpe May 11th

Maria Cruz-Hampton May 11th

Sandra Vantravis May 11th

Lynette Martin May 12th

Kendra Stevenson May 12th

Michael Johnson May 12th

Pam Valley May 14th

Alejandra Gomez May 14th

Simone Avent May 15th

Jacqueline Myers May 17th

Lisa Manning May 18th

Elaine Carvalho May 20th

Deznie Matthews May 20th

Paula Patterson May 20th

Denise Dorothy May 21st

Akuwavi Nadhon-Azo May 21st

Nichole Penland May 22nd

Monica Stone May 22nd

Michelle Winters May 25th

Danita Harper May 27th

Leticia Nobles-Smith May 29th

Dena Smith May 29th

Jesslin Huey May 31st

Enjoy Your Day!