Sydney D.

Quiet Artistic Athletic

About me

My name is Sydney, and most people know me as shy and quiet, and that is correct. I don't really like talking that much anyway. I live in Northeast Nebraska, and I go to a Junior High school. My favorite hobbies are drawing, singing, doing sports, and playing video games. Though I mostly play video games. 3 facts about me are that I really do not like people. I also have an attitude towards people and I am very sarcastic, and that's one way I make people mad at me because of my sarcasm. I have 1 sister, Amanda, who is older than me, which I don't get alone with very well. Like most other kids, I dislike school a lot. I love computer games, especially Dead Frontier. I also have 2 pets, one dog and one cat who's names are Sammie and Perkins. Also, everyone knows me as being extremely lazy.