Weather in Las Vegas

Jordyn Prisco


Las Vegas, on average, has hot summers, and decent winters. The weather patterns are mostly affected by the closest ocean, the Pacific. Our weather usually comes from the West coast which results in hardly ever having any clouds or rain. The little rain results in dry air and ground. The climate is regularly clam, but we have occasional thunder storms and flash floods.
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Average rainfall

We don't get much rainfall in Vegas, but when we do, it usually floods the dry ground. The average yearly rainfall is only 4.19 inches! On average in summer we get 0.33 inches, 0.38 in fall, 0.11 in spring, and 0.58 in winter. The most it has ever rained in a single day was 2.4 inches. Even thought it doesn't rain much here, it's still a nice place to live.
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Flash Floods

Because of our dry climate, when we get a decent amount of rainfall in one day, it usually results in flash floods. Even though we have little rain, the water doesn't get absorbed into the ground fast enough, so it gathers up and results in flooding. They flood the streets and grounds and sometimes move in dangerous speeds. They can range from having high water levels to having low water levels, it just depends on the rainfall. All and all, this is really the only natural disaster that occurs in Las Vegas, so it's a pretty safe place to live in.
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